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    NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO, / ˈneɪtoʊ /; French: Organisation du traité de l'Atlantique nord, OTAN ), also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 30 member states – 28 European and two North American. Established in the aftermath of World War II, the organization ...

    • 4 April 1949 (73 years ago)
    • English, French
  2. British. Rachel Jane Nickell (23 November 1968 – 15 July 1992) was a British woman who was stabbed to death on Wimbledon Common in south-west London on 15 July 1992. The initial police investigation of the crime resulted in the arrest in controversial circumstances of an innocent man, who was acquitted. Her killer, Robert Napper, was ...

    • Rachel Jane Nickell, 23 November 1968
    • 15 July 1992 (aged 23), Wimbledon Common, London, England
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    19th century

    The first reference to police work in Chile is in the Police Regulation of 1803, where the terms "high police" and "public security" are used. Then, in 1830, the Vigilantes and Serenos Corps of Santiago were created, whose work was followed throughout the country. In 1852 the Brigada de Policía was created in Santiago, where the Vigilantes and Serenos Corpswere merged. In the 1870s , the mayor of the city of Santiago, Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna proposed modelling the Brigada de Policía on the A...

    20th century

    The modern Investigations Police was established in 1933 as a separate organization of civil police, independent from the control of the militarized Carabineros de Chile.

    The Investigative Police divides its investigation areas according to the crime investigated, counting with it several specialized units of police investigation, which have Detectives specialists, experts and experts in the respective areas.

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    Passing for white

    Although anti-miscegenation laws outlawing racial intermarriage existed in America as early as 1664, there were no laws preventing or prosecuting the rape of enslaved girls and women. Rape of slaves was legal and encouraged during slavery to increase slave population. For generations, enslaved black mothers bore mixed-race children who were deemed "mulattos", "quadroons", "octoroons", or "hexadecaroons" based on their percentage of "black blood". Although these mixed-race people were often ha...

    Antebellum America

    During the antebellum period, passing as white was a means of escaping slavery. Once they left the plantation, escaped slaves who could pass as white found safety in their perceived whiteness. To pass as white was to pass as free.: 4 However, once they gained their freedom, most escaped slaves intended to return to blackness—passing as white was a temporary disguise used to gain freedom.: 28 Once they had escaped, their racial ambiguity could be a safeguard to their freedom. If an escaped sla...


    Post-emancipation, passing as white was no longer a means to obtain freedom. As passing shifted from a necessity to an option, it fell out of favor in the black community. Author Charles W. Chestnutt, who was born free in Ohio as a mixed-race African American, explored circumstances for persons of color in the South after emancipation, for instance, for a formerly enslaved woman who marries a white-passing man shortly after the conclusion of Civil War. Some fictional exploration coalesced aro...


    1. Frank J. Webb's 1857 novel, The Garies and Their Friends, explores the choices in the racist antebellum north (Philadelphia) of three mixed-race characters who could pass for white: George Winston, who opts to leave the United States rather than be subjected to discriminatory laws; Emily Garie, who marries into the coloured society that she identifies with and defends; and her brother, Clarence Gary, who secretly passes after attending a white boarding school. He falls in love with a white...


    1. The 1934 film Imitation of Lifefeatured the character Peola, who has mixed ancestry and passes as white. 2. The 1936 adaptation and the 1951 adaptation of the musical Show Boat, set in the segregated South, feature a character Julie who is of mixed race and accepted as white. The discovery of her partially African ancestry sets off a crisis, as she is married to a white man. 3. Lost Boundaries (1949) features a black couple passing for white in New Hampshire who become pillars of the commu...


    1. Rock band Big Black released a song on this subject called "Passing Complexion" on their 1986 album Atomizer.

    Brune, Jeffrey A., and Daniel J. Wilson (eds.), Disability and Passing: Blurring the Lines of Identity. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2013.
    Crary, David (November 4, 2003). "Passing for White Not a Relic of the Past". The Gainesville Sun (Gainesville, Florida). Associated Press.
    Davenport, Lauren. 2020. "The Fluidity of Racial Classifications". Annual Review of Political Science.
    Dahis, Ricardo, Emily Nix, Nancy Qian. 2019. "Choosing Racial Identity in the United States, 1880–1940". NBER Working Paper No. 26465.
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    After a devastating war, there has been a realization, weapons are now too powerful and destructive. Thus ends the era of war fought in the "light" and begins the era of war fought within "darkness", a war fought with information and trickery, a war of spies. After the destruction of the spy team Inferno, their only surviving member, Klaus, sets of...


    Klaus(クラウス, Kurausu) 1. Voiced by: Yūichirō Umehara 2. Code Name Bonfire. Self proclaimed "the Greatest Spy in the World" and boss of Lamplight.Despite being "the Greatest Spy in the World" he is terrible at teaching as he does things intuitively. Lily(リリィ, Rirī) 1. Voiced by: Sora Amamiya 2. Has silver hair, code name Flower Garden.Her specialty is using poison to disable her enemies while she has a special immunity to poison herself. She wants to become a spy due to her life being saved by...

    Light novels

    The light novel is written by Takemachi and illustrated by Tomari; Fujimi Shobo published the first volume under its Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint on January 18, 2020. As of July 2022, eight volumes of the main series have been released. Three short story volumes have also been released.Asaura is listed as "assistance with firearm research" of the series. Before the first volume was published, a promotional video was released, where Yūichirō Umehara, Sora Amamiya, Miku Itō, Nao Tōyama, Aoi Yū...


    A manga adaptation, illustrated by Kaname Seu, was serialized in Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive magazine from May 27, 2020 to April 27, 2022. As of July 2022, the individual chapters have been collected into three tankōbon volumes.A second part of the manga illustrated by Benishake and a third part illustrated by Seu both began serializiation in the same magazine on June 27, 2022. Yen Press is also publishing the first part of the manga adaptation in English.


    An anime television series adaptation was announced during the "Fantasia Bunko Online Festival 2022" event on March 13, 2022. The series is produced by Feel and directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi, with scripts written by Shinichi Inotsume, character designs handled by Sumie Kinoshita, and music composed by Yoshiaki Fujisawa. It premiered on January 5, 2023, on AT-X and other networks. The opening theme song is "Tōmoshibi"(灯火, "Light") by Nonoc, while the ending theme song is "Secret Code" by Kon...

    Rebecca Silverman from Anime News Network praised the story as fun and interesting, while criticizing what she felt were authorial stumbles trying to pull everything together. Demelza from Anime UK News praised the first volume as well, as she felt it was unique compared to most other light novels available in English. Satoshi Maejima[ja] from The ...

    My Friend's Little Sister Has It In for Me!, another light novel series illustrated by the same illustrator

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    Instagram began development in San Francisco as Burbn, a mobile check-in app created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Realizing that it was too similar to Foursquare, they refocused their app on photo-sharing, which had become a popular feature among its users. They renamed it Instagram, a ...

  4. Sopwith Pup. The Sopwith Camel is a British First World War single-seat biplane fighter aircraft that was introduced on the Western Front in 1917. It was developed by the Sopwith Aviation Company as a successor to the Sopwith Pup and became one of the best known fighter aircraft of the Great War. The Camel was powered by a single rotary engine ...

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