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  1. A death anniversary (or deathday) is the anniversary of the death of a person. It is the opposite of birthday.It is a custom in several Asian cultures, including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Myanmar, Iran, Israel, Japan, Bangladesh, Korea, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, as well as in other places with significant ...

  2. Death and state funeral of Leonid Brezhnev. On 10 November 1982, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, the third General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) and the fifth leader of the Soviet Union, died at the age of 75, a month before his 76th birthday, after suffering a heart attack following years of serious ailments.

  3. Yeltsin was the first Russian head of state to be buried in a church ceremony since Emperor Alexander III, 113 years prior. [1] On the day Yeltsin died, President Vladimir Putin declared the day of his funeral, held on 25 April 2007, [2] to be a day of national mourning. The ceremony was broadcast live on the main Russian state TV channels, and ...

    • 23–25 April 2007
    • Vladimir Putin
  4. North Korea holds state funeral for 'dear leader' Kim Jong-il, from The Guardian. The funeral itself occurred on 28 December. The 40-kilometre (25 mi), 3-hour funeral procession was covered in snow (which local newscasters described as "heaven's tears") as soldiers beat their chests and called out "Father, Father."

    • 17–29 December 2011
  5. Thomas Crompton (died 1608) Sir Thomas Crompton (c. 1557 – 5 February 1608) was an English barrister and judge who briefly sat in the House of Commons in the years 1587, 1601, and 1604. He became master in chancery in 1608, shortly before his death. Crompton was the son of Sir Thomas Crompton. He matriculated at St Alban Hall, Oxford under ...

  6. Nicholas Palmes (d. 1551), succeeded his father to Naburn Hall. He married his cousin Johana, daughter of William Conyers of Sockburn Hall, who was the mother of his eldest son and heir, Brian. He married secondly Susan, daughter of Sir Robert Waterton of Walton Hall, West Yorkshire. George Palmes, died unmarried. William Palmes, died unmarried.

  7. › wiki › Anthony_KuhnAnthony Kuhn - Wikipedia

    Anthony Kuhn (Chinese: 孔安; pinyin: Kǒng Ān) is the National Public Radio correspondent in Seoul, South Korea. [1] He was previously NPR's correspondent in Beijing, China.[2] [3] Before his roles in South Korea and China, he served as NPR correspondent for Southeast Asia based in Jakarta, in which capacity he opened NPR's first bureau there, [4] as well as in London. [5]

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