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  1. Minecraft:教育版 這是一款以遊戲為基礎的學習平台,支援超過 100 個國家/地區的數千名教育工作者! 打造出自己的道路 在荒野更新中,踏上冒險旅途,漫無目的地遊蕩,或是探尋新鮮事物!選擇無窮無盡,而且盡在你的掌握之中。

  2. 2022/8/4 · It’s summer here at the Redmond office, which means one thing! TIME TO GO TO THE PARK! Well actually, we couldn’t do that, because we were all still at work.So instead, we did the next best thing: we scheduled a Community Team build challenge brought the

  3. 2022/8/1 · Sr_Pan’s artwork has piglins coming out of a portal, villagers fleeing and even a creeper getting caught by surprise. Sello’s adorable submission has two cute allays flying against a bright blue sky. Dewie also found inspiration from the trailer with their soothing drawing. BlooTerpiece submitted this awesome mashup of the Minecraft Legends ...

  4. 2022/8/3 · Build Challenge: Stylish Furnishings. Everywhere you go in life you’ll find furniture. It’s in our homes, schools, offices, libraries – you name it! Like most things in our world, furniture comes in both big and small. Wanting to chair-ish the creativity in our community, we asked you all to send in submissions of either small-scale ...

  5. 2022/8/5 · We're now releasing 1.19.2 for Minecraft: Java Edition. This release fixes a critical issue related to server connectivity with secure chat. Fixed Bugs in 1.19.2 Fixed an issue causing players to get disconnected with secure chat Fixed a crash in the social

  6. 2022/8/3 · A Minecraft Java Release Candidate. We're now releasing the first (and hopefully only) release candidate for Minecraft 1.19.2. This release candidate fixes a critical issue related to server connectivity with secure chat. If there are no major issues following this release, no further changes will be done before the full release.

  7. 作者 Giggle Block Studios. 終極尋找按鈕地圖將考驗您的技術!. 太空船裡只有您一個人,您的任務是善用所有苦練來的技能,逃出每個密室。. 您逃得出去嗎?. + 50+ 挑戰逃脫的密室 +支援多人遊戲 + 高度挑戰性的關卡 + 作者:Giggle Block Studios. 在執行 Minecraft 的裝置上 ...

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