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  1. The world of Minecraft is vast, so why not take it beyond its blocky borders? Customize your device with our favorite Minecraft wallpapers, social banners, and more! See all collectibles. Explore new gaming adventures, accessories, & merchandise on the Minecraft Official Site. Buy & download the game here, or check the site for the latest news.

  2. 2023. 至今出現過最多錯字的更新: 足跡與故事 推出。 玩家們很好奇為什麼名字裡有足跡,更新裡卻沒有出現。 但至少有駱駝、嗅探獸、櫻花樹林生態域,還有考古系統! 一款全新的 Minecraft 遊戲: Minecraft Legends 推出! 豬布林試圖入侵主世界,但他們很快就嚐到惹惱魯特琴手英雄的滋味,以及友情的力量有多不好惹了。 拖曳進行探索! 透過考古學發現過去的遺跡。 全新的竹方塊、浮雕書櫃,和櫻花登場! 和朋友一起騎駱駝。

  3. 2022年8月15日 · To show our gratitude towards players who already had both editions before we announced we’d start selling them together, we’re going to give you the new Vanilla cape! So if you owned both Java and Bedrock Edition on PC on a single account before June 6, 2022 (whether by purchase or by code redemption), you will be receiving this special ...

  4. 15 年来,我们建造了许多奇迹,躲避了许多脾气暴躁的苦力怕,在末影龙上铺酣然入睡,并四处冒险,寻找全新方块。 每一年,我们都在不断开采和合成,我们的社区也在不断扩大,变得更加多元化。 到目前为止,我们已经积累了 至少 一整摞的回忆,下面我们来漫步记忆的长河! 2023. 推出 足迹与故事 (迄今为止发现最多拼写错误的更新)。 玩家想知道为什么没有尾巴,这可是之前说好了的。 至少还有骆驼、嗅探兽、樱花树林生物群系和考古系统! 推出一款全新 Minecraft 游戏, Minecraft Legends ! 猪灵试图入侵主世界,但很快就意识到惹上弹琵琶的英雄以及友谊之力会有何下场。 拖拽即可探索! 通过考古发现过去的遗迹。 全新竹方块、雕纹书架和樱花! 和朋友们一起骑骆驼。

  5. The warden was originally called "stalker" and would reside in a totem-covered biome where it would remain statue-like until some reckless player would try to grab its chest crystal, causing it to come to life. Brandon: “We had iterations where the stalker would fold up on itself and crawl through a 1x1 tunnel.

  6. 下載啟動器 重新探索 Minecraft 世界。立即下載啟動器,並從上次離開之處繼續探索。

  7. Play the Bedrock Edition on a PC to browse endless community created content in the Minecraft Marketplace, discover new play styles through different maps, and express yourself with Character Creator items and emotes.* *Minecraft: Java Edition runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux; Minecraft: Bedrock Edition runs on Windows.

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