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  1. Deng Zhengjia (Chinese: 邓正加) was a Chinese fruit vendor who was killed in a confrontation with urban management officials on 17 July 2013.Deng, 56, was selling watermelons with his wife in Linwu, Hunan Province, when several officials (known as "chengguan") reportedly confiscated some of their fruits and asked them to relocated to an area approved for street vending.

  2. Wàh Hohk Gāai. Jyutping. Waa 4 Hok 6 Gaai 1. Robert Walker, Baron Walker of Gestingthorpe, GBS, PC (born 17 March 1938) is an English barrister and former Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. He also serves as a Non-Permanent Judge of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal. [1]

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  3. Trevor Lloyd Sinclair (born 2 March 1973) is an English football coach, professional footballer and pundit. As a player, he was winger who notably played in the Premier League for Queens Park Rangers, West Ham United and Manchester City.He also played in the Football League for Blackpool and Cardiff City where he retired in 2008. ...

  4. Asian Championships. 2012 Pyeongtaek. –63kg. Deng Mengrong (鄧猛榮; born 5 March 1990) is a Chinese weighlifter. She competed at the 2013 World Championships in the Women's 63 kg, winning the Bronze medal. She won Gold in the 2014 World Weightlifting Championships in Almaty.

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    July 3, 1980. (1980-07-03) (aged 70) Occupation. General of People's Liberation Army. Deng Hua ( Chinese: 鄧華; pinyin: Dèng Huá; 28 April 1910 – 3 July 1980) was a general in the Chinese People's Liberation Army. He was the Deputy Commander of the People's Volunteer Army. After Marshal Peng Dehuai returned to China for medical treatment ...

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