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  1. 2023年9月10日 · The long waves or 'long cycles' terminology is most often used for the Kondratieff Cycles, economic cycles that take about 50 years in their ascending and descending (or stagnation) phases. In contrast, there are Very Long Cycles‎ such as the Hegemonic Cycle‎‎, the latter being a political cycle related to great power dynamics.

  2. 2017年11月25日 · Description. From the publisher: "Design, Ecology, Politics links social and ecological theory to design theory and practice, critiquing the ways in which the design industry perpetuates unsustainable development.

  3. Video via! Description On the speaker: "Peter Fein is an Internet activist, computer programmer ...

  4. 2015年7月6日 · 1. "Mesh networks - are highly distributed networks which use special routing technology. In standard routing technology as used to send and receive information via the internet the 'routes' which data packets take are fixed. In mesh networks the software decides 'dynamically' or 'ad-hoc' which route data packets take.

  5. Personal manufacturing technologies will profoundly impact how we design, make, transport, and consume physical products. As manufacturing technologies follow the path from factory to home use, like personal computers, “personalized” manufacturing tools will enable consumers, schools and businesses to work and play in new ways.

  6. In chapters 2 to 4, I attempted to tell the story of human values across the twenty thousand years since the coldest point of the last ice age. I suggested that modern human values initially emerged somewhere around 100,000 years ago (± 50,000 years) as a consequence of the biological evolution of our big, fast brains, and that once we had our ...

  7. Definition. John Waclawsky: 1. P2P being about edge device/application direct co-operation, true P2P has three fundamental behaviors: 1. Applications share resources through direct exchange (no man in the middle). 2. Applications self-organize (no control from the middle) 3. Applications use some technique to deal with intermittent connectivity ...

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