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  1. 2021年1月27日 · Marcello Perricone Published: Jan 27, 2021 Civilization VI After several years of ‘will they, won’t they?’ Civilization V and Civilization VI finally switched places on Steam’s ‘most played...

    • How to Choose The Best Steam Deck Cases
    • Should You Put A Case on Your Steam Deck?
    • Does The Steam Deck Come with A Case?
    • What Is The Best Case For The Steam Deck?

    Whether you’re new to Steam Deck or you’ve been using it since the beginning, a case can add flair and fun to your Deck. The right case will importantly keep it safe in transport when you’re chucking it in a bag, or safe from accidental drops at home. That’s why it’s a good idea to think about how, when, and where you use your Steam Deck most often...

    Valve gives you a carrying case with the Steam Deck LCD and OLED. While great to have it’s pretty basic, and doesn’t leave any room for accessories. It’s also more bulky than a wraparound case would be and offers little in the way of personality. The best Steam deck cases give your handheld gaming PC the adequate protection and support it requires,...

    Yes, every type of Steam Deck comes along with a carry case, from the 64GB LCD model, through to the 1TB OLED. Except for the 1TB OLED, they all come with a shell case. Though it’s a little bulky, the Steam Deck fits inside safely and comfortably. The 1TB OLED comes with a slimmer shell case that will be easier to transport but offers no less prote...

    For the money, the JSAUX Carrying Case is the most versatile option. It gives you enough room inside for a power bank, power and charging cables, earbuds, and extra memory cards. It’s not the most exciting design, granted, but if you want value for money and a roomy interior, it’s the best option on this list for most gamers.

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