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  1. 2022/8/29 · On August 26, 2022, Michaela Pereira announced that she will be leaving Fox 11. The acting news director of Fox 11 also took to Twitter to announce the bittersweet news on August 25, 2022. Her last day at the news station will be September 9, 2022. Pereira is expected to announce the news during her broadcast on Thursday.

  2. 2022/7/18 · Christina Pascucci announced she is leaving KTLA-TV in July 2022. L.A. residents were naturally surprised by the news. Most importantly, they want to know why she is leaving the station where she worked at for most of her career and where she is going next. The Emmy Award-winning anchor had answers to most of her followers’ questions.

  3. 2022/5/26 · Danielle L. Woods earned her BA in communication from Saint Peter’s University in 2010. She completed her MS in broadcast and digital journalism from Syracuse University in 2012. Woods worked in New Jersey, New York, and Washington before joining the WGAL team in Pennsylvania. Between 2013 and 2015, she was a reporter on Erie’s WJET.

  4. 2022/9/13 · Maleko McDonnell announced he decided not to renew his contract with KITV in a social media post on September 12, 2022. Advertisement. There’s still some time before his last day on air. He is currently stepping back from his usual timeslot and will anchor the weekend hours of Good Morning Hawaii until he signs off one last time in October.

  5. 2022/7/7 · That naturally led to speculation from viewers. Some think Cassie Nall is leaving or has already left WBIR. They’ve also hit up 10 News’ official social media pages for answers. 10 News anchor Katie Inman replied to one of the viewers regarding Nall. Inman confirmed that Cassie Nall is still very much a part of WBIR. But maybe not for too long.

  6. 2022/9/13 · He hosts the morning newscast of WOWT 6 News Live at Daybreak. On September 9, 2022, the anchor announced he was leaving Daybreak. There are speculations that Dave Zawilinski is leaving WOWT. But the anchor has clarified that he is leaving the morning team and transitioning into a new role. Also Read: Andrew Kozak Leaving Spectrum News 1: Where ...

  7. 2022/6/17 · I’m not leaving Seattle. With Seattle as one of the host cities of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, Daniels is now staying on top of the KING 5 coverage. With so much more to come in Seattle sports, there’s no stopping this veteran journalist. Chris Daniels announced that June 17 was his last day on-air at KING 5.

  1. 防曬外套推薦 相關
  2. 全方位防曬無死角,涼感防潑水,透氣不悶熱。男女尺寸皆有,顏色時尚好搭配,超機能防曬外套。 防曬擔當,輕薄涼感外套。透氣舒適,輕薄不厚重。口袋收納,輕巧好攜帶,夏日最佳防曬好夥伴!

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