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  1. 防風防水外套 相關

  2. 輕量防風透氣All In one!輕鋒外套不怕小風雨,上山下海任穿梭,戶外潮流超有型! Level 5最高防潑水等級,機能雙層防風;袖口魔鬼氈設計,實穿度超高!馬上購!

  3. 高CP爆紅很合理!採用專利材質,防水+防風+透氣,親膚層機能鎖溫蓄熱,佛心價搶現貨! 米其林臃腫感OUT!防風防潑水,高效鎖溫蓄熱,讓你化身行動暖爐,網友搶訂不誇張!

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    《秋冬必收品》整理一次看!快跟著大家一起買~下單前記得先領折價神券,現省爆多! 免再辛苦比價~今天價格超划算!人氣「秋冬進補、保暖衣物寢飾、季節家電」特賣中。

  1. › wiki › IP_CodeIP code - Wikipedia

    IP code. The IP code or ingress protection code indicates how well a device is protected against water and dust. It is defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) under the international standard IEC 60529 which classifies and provides a guideline to the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical ...

  2. › wiki › WindcatcherWindcatcher - Wikipedia

    A windcatcher, wind tower, or wind scoop ( Persian: بادگیر) is a traditional architectural element used to create cross ventilation and passive cooling in buildings. [1]

  3. › wiki › WindbreakWindbreak - Wikipedia

    A windbreak (shelterbelt) is a planting usually made up of one or more rows of trees or shrubs planted in such a manner as to provide shelter from the wind and to protect soil from erosion. They are commonly planted in hedgerows around the edges of fields on farms.

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