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  1. 阿里山住宿 相關

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    由真實住客提供第一手住宿評鑑 可立即線上預訂!24小時中文客服支援

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    上 預訂平價酒店。環球酒店品牌,超筍優惠價格。 超過120萬間酒店覆蓋全球200多個國家或地區。快來比較價格,為您的酒店住宿搜尋超筍優惠!

  4. 6~12月阿里山森林小火車嘟嘟進站~百年鐵道、隱世車站、奮起湖,日出、手沖咖啡、音樂會。 參加活動頁任一行程,可獲得在地伴手禮和專屬紀念小物。沈浸式山林體驗,鐵道迷不要錯過!

  5. 漫步林間,感受高山環列壯麗遼闊,限定奇景日出、雲海、晚霞一次收,訂房加購高鐵78折! 闖蕩山林!挖掘隱藏版景點、高山民宿,評價/鄰近交通全都一目瞭然,選擇障礙不發作!

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    在線預訂住宿, 輕鬆之旅由此開始。立即通過Booking.com預訂!

  1. Ālǐshān Guójiā Fēngjǐng Qū. Gwoyeu Romatzyh. Aliishan Gwojia Fengjiing Chiu. Southern Min. Hokkien POJ. A-lí-san Kok-ka Hong-kéng-khu. Coordinates: 23°31′N 120°48′E. The Alishan National Scenic Area is a mountain resort and nature reserve located in Alishan township, Chiayi County, Taiwan .

    • 阿里山國家風景區
  2. 5,405. • Density. 13/km 2 (33/sq mi) Area codes. for multiple area codes. Website. Alishan Township ( Chinese: 阿里山 鄉; pinyin: Ālǐshān Xiāng) is a mountain indigenous township in Chiayi County, Taiwan. The Alishan National Scenic Area covers most, but not all, of the township and also parts of neighboring townships.

    • 428 km² (165 sq mi)
    • 5,405
  3. Palm Jebel Ali ( نخلة جبل علي) is an artificial archipelago in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which began construction in October 2002, was originally planned to be completed by mid-2008 and has been on hold since. [1] Creative Kingdom provided master planning services for the island and Leisure Quest International (USA) developed ...

    • Trials and Initial Operations
    • Battle of The Philippine Sea
    • Battle of Leyte Gulf
    • Operation Ten-Go

    During October or November 1941 Yamato underwent sea trials, reaching her maximum possible speed of 27.4 knots (50.7 km/h; 31.5 mph).[N 1] As war loomed, priority was given to accelerating military construction. On 16 December, months ahead of schedule, the battleship was formally commissioned at Kure, in a ceremony more austere than usual, as the ...

    In early June, Yamato and Musashi were again requisitioned as troop transports, this time to reinforce the garrison and naval defenses of the island of Biak as part of Operation Kon. The mission was cancelled when word reached Ozawa's headquarters of American carrier attacks on the Mariana Islands. Instead, the Imperial Japanese Navy reorganized, c...

    Between 22 and 25 October 1944, as part of Admiral Takeo Kurita's Center Force (also known as Force A or First Striking Force), Yamato took part in one of the largest naval engagements in history—the Battle of Leyte Gulf. In response to the American invasion of the Philippines, Operation Shō-Gō called for a number of Japanese groups to converge on ...

    On 1 January 1945, Yamato, Haruna and Nagato were transferred to the newly reactivated 1st Battleship Division. Yamato left drydock two days later for Japan's Inland Sea. This reassignment was brief; the 1st Battleship Division was deactivated once again on 10 February and Yamato was allotted to the 1st Carrier Division. On 19 March, American carri...

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    Set against the backdrop of towering views of Mount Jiri, it depicts the story of rangers and other employees of the Jirisan National Parkwho climb through the mysterious and unexplored regions of the mountain, trying to rescue the survivors and lost trekkers. The drama is centered around a mystery surrounding the mountain's many visitors - those w...


    1. Jun Ji-hyun as Seo Yi-kang 1.1. Kim Do-yeonas teenager Seo Yi-kang 1.2. Kang Ji-woo as young Seo Yi-kang 1. Nicknamed "Mountain Ghost God" and "Devil Seo" by her colleagues, she is the park's top ranger, who instinctively knows how to navigate the trails of the mountains. Her experience has made her knowledgeable enough to track down a lost hiker based on just a single leaf or blade of grass. In spite of this, she views the mountain as a dreadful place and had yearned to leave, but eventua...


    1. Yoon Ji-onas Se-wook 2. Son Suk-ku as Lim Cheol-kyeong 2.1. Choi Hyun-wookas teenager Lim Cheol-kyeong

    Special appearance

    1. Park Hwan-heeas Hee-won, Climbers visiting Jirisan National Park 2. Seo Hye-wonas Hong Young-mi 3. Kim Min-ho as Kim Ki-chang 4. Ryu Seung-ryongas Narrator 5. Ye Soo-jungas Geum-ri 6. Lee Chae-kyungas Il-man's wife, the president of a health center who makes a living by illegally catching snakes. 7. Choi Goas Il-man's son and his mother is the president of a health center. 8. Gong Sung-ha as Jung Soo-min 9. Ji Seung-hyunas Kim Nam-sik, Former Rangers of Jirisan National Park 10. Yoon Jong-...

    Jirisan is created by director Lee Eung-bok and writer Kim Eun-hee. Writer Kim Eun-hee based the story of Jirisan on her interviews with national park workers. Kim said in an interview, "When I wrote Jirisanat the beginning, it didn't focus on rangers. I was more interested in stories about mountaineers. However, I was more intrigued about their wo...

    A 9.1% viewership rating was recorded nationwide for the series' first episode, making it the highest premiere rating on the network for a series on its first season, and the second overall after Hospital Playlist2.

    Jirisan at AStory (in Korean)
    Jirisan at Studio Dragon (in Korean)
    Jirisan at HanCinema
  4. Ghevont Alishan (Armenian: Հայր Ղեւոնդ Ալիշան) (1820-1901; also spelled Ghevond Alishan, or Leonzio Alishan in Italian or Léonce Alichan in French) was an ordained Armenian Catholic priest, historian and a poet.He was awarded by the Legion of Honour of the French Academy (1866), an honorary member of the Asian Society of Italia, Archeological Society of Moscow [fr; ru; uk ...

  5. › wiki › Lexii_AlijaiLexii Alijai - Wikipedia

    Lexii Alijai was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. [1] She was the granddaughter of musician Roger Troutman, founder of funk band Zapp. [2] Her father, Roger Lynch, the son of Roger Troutman, was also a musician. [3] She attended Como Park Senior High School [1] in Saint Paul, following an interest in basketball, [4] but then focused on ...

  1. 阿里山住宿 相關
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    上 預訂平價酒店。環球酒店品牌,超筍優惠價格。 超過120萬間酒店覆蓋全球200多個國家或地區。快來比較價格,為您的酒店住宿搜尋超筍優惠!

  3. 6~12月阿里山森林小火車嘟嘟進站~百年鐵道、隱世車站、奮起湖,日出、手沖咖啡、音樂會。 參加活動頁任一行程,可獲得在地伴手禮和專屬紀念小物。沈浸式山林體驗,鐵道迷不要錯過!

  4. 漫步林間,感受高山環列壯麗遼闊,限定奇景日出、雲海、晚霞一次收,訂房加購高鐵78折! 闖蕩山林!挖掘隱藏版景點、高山民宿,評價/鄰近交通全都一目瞭然,選擇障礙不發作!

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