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  1. 一款動作冒險遊戲,靈感來自經典的地下城探索者遊戲,並以 Minecraft 的世界做為場景! 探索 MINECRAFT DUNGEONS 團結。 戰鬥。 生存。 獨自一人勇闖地牢,或與朋友組隊! 最多可有四位玩家組成一隊,合作挑戰精彩紛呈、滿滿寶藏以及多種不同難度的關卡—完成所有史詩般的任務,拯救村民並且打敗邪惡的 Arch-Illager! 繼續冒險! 以季節性冒險方式繼續旅程-免費的主題內容-在 Minecraft Dungeons 中提高賭注。 透過全新進度系統,加入每週挑戰,以賺取冒險點數,並努力解鎖獨家獎勵。 歡聚在市集! Fauna Faire 正在搭建帳棚,帶來精彩的活動和有趣的慶典。 與朋友一起團結迎接新挑戰。 進一步了解 冒險者,是時候大放異彩了!

  2. 下載 Windows、macOS 和 Linux 等版本的 Minecraft。回鍋使用者可以找到 Java 和 Bedrock 的伺服器軟體重新下載選項,以利與好友同樂。 需要不同的樂趣嗎? 沒問題!以下是各種不同的下載選項: 下載 Windows 10/11 的啟動器 下載 Windows 7/8 的啟動器

  3. 2022/6/12 · Unite the Overworld in Minecraft Legends, Coming in 2023. A new action strategy game – lead your allies in heroic battles against the piglin invasion. Through Minecraft, our players have created endless tales: of creativity, bravery, and friendship – but also of defeat, sacrifice, and new beginnings. Stories are powerful.

  4. Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC. Create, explore, survive, repeat. Get Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition as a package deal for Windows! With Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition, you can easily switch between games using the unified launcher and cross-play with any current edition of Minecraft. Buy Minecraft.

  5. Download Minecraft for Windows, Mac and Linux. Download server software for Java and Bedrock, and begin playing Minecraft with your friends. Learn more.

  6. 2022/5/24 · Our latest version of Create New World! The current Create New World screen game settings scroll area. Yes, we know it's quite long! With the goal of creating the best possible user experience in Create New World, we set out on a journey to change it. Our team’s first task was to brainstorm about the worst possible experience (including lots ...

  7. Sign in to your account with your Minecraft login information and discover new worlds of fun. Explore, compete, and create different realms today! ... Mojang ©2009 ...

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