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  1. The international student exchange program at Tokyo Women's Medical University (TWMU) was initiated through a partnership agreement with Cardiff University (UK) in 1997. TWMU became the first among the private medical universities in Japan to encourage and accredit study abroad programs. Since then, TWMU School of Medicine has partnered with 12 ...

  2. Tokyo Women’s Medical University has developed from Tokyo Women’s Medical School and has produced many female physicians who have contributed to our society. Tokyo Women’s Medical University School of Medicine was established in 1950. Tokyo Women’s Medical College was established in 1952.Then, in 1998, the School of Nursing was added.

  3. About us. The Department of Cardiology was established in 1955 as the internal medicine of the Heart Institute of Japan at Tokyo Women's Medical University and has been a leading role as a pioneer in cardiovascular clinical practice in Japan. Based on our philosophy,

  4. Tokyo Women’ s Medical University originated from Tokyo Women’ s Medical School, which was commenced in 1900. YOSHIOKA Yayoi, the founder of Tokyo Women’ s Medical University, adopted the concept of the primary mission of Tokyo Women’ s Medical School as the founding spirit when she newly established Tokyo Women’ s Medical College ...

  5. TWMU is a medical university with over one hundred years of history which now has a modern and sophisticated educational, clinical and research environments. Traditionally all of our undergraduate schools are devoted to develop women’s professionalism. Our ...

  6. Attention A parking lot is very crowded. If possible, please use a subway and a bus. Please give me smoking at a predetermined place.

  7. 施設概要. 東京都渋谷区にある東京女子医科大学附属成人医学センターでは、人間ドックをはじめとし外来部門12診療科を有しています。. 全診療科に女性医師を配置しており女性の方が受診しやすい環境を整えています。.

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