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    超過120萬間酒店覆蓋全球200多個國家或地區。快來比較價格,為您的酒店住宿搜尋超筍優惠! 上 預訂平價酒店。環球酒店品牌,超筍優惠價格。

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    雲林縣客棧特惠,即上Agoda訂房。 我們全天候為你提供協助,出走都唔會注定一人!


  1. Coordination with neighboring tribal communities on mutual recognition and shared governance of overlapping traditional territories. The negotiation starts from: 1. collective memory of migration routes; 2. historical tribal sites; and 3. contemporary living spaces. Mutual endorsement establishes the legitimacy of tribal sovereignties.

  2. Description Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione: "These basic empirical observations are now the cornerstone of a much larger and scientifically driven research project that we established and call the “Co-Cities Project”. The Co-Cities Project is the result of a 5-year ...

  3. The essay, the Political Economy of Peer Production has been translated into Chinese.Please read the Chinese Translation here.We also have a page covering China and a Category: China.

  4. You Chang Bok on the Sungmisan Village Cooperative and Community Experience in Seoul South Korea

  5. 2017年12月31日 · Description This report examines the re-emergence of the urban commons as both a bottom-up emergence by citizens/commoners and a radical municipal administrative configuration. Starting with an exploration of the relationship between cities and the commons ...

  6. 1:00 - Explanation of what a "network city" is. 2:01 - History of Cabin and its evolution. 3:07 - Explanation of how Cabin combines physical and digital elements. 4:39 - Overview of Cabin's online components. 6:23 - Invitation to other communities interested in similar concepts. 7:13 - How to get in touch with Cabin and join their community.

  7. Examples Here are projects that seek to create an underlying infrastructure for p2p-based exchanges, monetary, gift, or otherwise. Barter There is a whole ecosystem of modules and software which support bartering mechanisms: folkd giventake cclite sweblets

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