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  1. Queen of Tears ( Korean : 눈물의 여왕) is a 2024 South Korean television series written by Park Ji-eun, co-directed by Jang Young-woo [ ko] and Kim Hee-won, and starring Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won. The series depicts the story of a married couple in a crisis. It aired on tvN from March 9, to April 28, 2024, every Saturday and Sunday at 21:20 ( KST ).

    • 눈물의 여왕
    • Nunmul-ŭi yŏwang
    • 눈물의 女王
    • Nunmul-ui yeowang
  2. The following notable deaths occurred in 2024. Names are reported under the date of death, in alphabetical order. A typical entry reports information in the following sequence: Name, age, country of citizenship at birth, subsequent nationality (if applicable), what subject was noted for, cause of death (if known), and reference.

  3. Murder of Tristyn Bailey. The murder of Tristyn Bailey took place on May 9, 2021, on Mother's Day, in St. Johns County, Florida. Bailey, a 13-year-old middle schooler and cheerleader, was murdered by Aiden Fucci, a 14-year-old schoolmate.

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    Jamie Ashen and his wife Lisa receive an anonymous gift of a ventriloquistdoll called "Billy". When Jamie goes out, a figure kills Lisa. Jamie returns to find that her tongue has been cut off; he is arrested for presumably killing her. After Jamie is released by police detective Jim Lipton due to lack of evidence, he spots inside Billy's box a myst...

    Filming took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.The setting for the film's story, the non-fictional suburb of "Raven's Fair," is situated at Badley Bridge and goes by the name "Raven's Fair Town Sign".

    Lakeshore Records released the soundtrack of Dead Silence on March 20, 2007. The CD contains 31 tracks, the first track being the song "We Sleep Forever" performed by American rock band Aiden (despite not actually being featured in the film itself). The rest of the CD is taken up by Charlie Clouser's film score. Clouser previously scored Wan's firs...

    In his personal blog, screenwriter Whannell reveals the origins of the film within the context of the Hollywood film industry. In a candid post entitled "Dud Silence: The Hellish Experience of Making a Bad Horror Film", Whannell explains that the film was conceived following the advice of his agent at the time and that a "script doctor" was eventua...

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    Alice & Jack is a television series made for Channel 4 and PBS. A romantic drama created and written by Victor Levin, it stars Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson . Alice & Jack premiered on 14 February 2024. The series consists of 6 episodes. [2] Synopsis. The series follows the lives of its titular characters over a decade and a half.

  6. Premise. Nine-year-old Elsa, a Sámi girl, witnesses her reindeer Nastegallu ("White Spot") being poached and is frightened into silence. Ten years later, she vows revenge against the poacher. Cast. Elin Kristina Oskal [ sv] as Elsa Stuorbma. Risten Alida Siri-Skum as young Elsa.

  7. Everything Everywhere All at Once is a 2022 American absurdist comedy-drama film written and directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert,[a] who produced it with Anthony and Joe Russo and Jonathan Wang. The film incorporates elements from several genres and film media, including surreal comedy, science fiction, fantasy, martial arts films ...