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  1. The Penthouse: War in Life - Wikipedia

    The Penthouse: War in Life (Korean: 펜트하우스; RR: Penteuhauseu; lit. Penthouse) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, Eugene, Um Ki-joon, Yoon Jong-hoon, and Park Eun-seok. The series, directed by Joo Dong-min ...

    • 40 (as of July 9, 2021)
    • October 26, 2020 –, August 20, 2021
    • 3
    • SBS TV
  2. Penthouse Paupers - Wikipedia

    Penthouse Paupers were an Australian rock band from Melbourne that was active in the 1980s. They released one album, Penthouse Paupers, in 1987 on the Grown Up Wrong label. It reached #9 in the Indie charts. The following year they released a ...

  3. List of Hajime no Ippo volumes (101–120) - Wikipedia

    Hajime no Ippo (はじめの一歩, lit."The First Step") is a Japanese boxing manga series written and illustrated by George Morikawa.It has been serialized by Kodansha in Weekly Shōnen Magazine since 1989 and collected in 130 tankōbon to ...

  4. List of Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma chapters - Wikipedia

    The Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma manga is written by Yūto Tsukuda and published by Shueisha in Weekly Shōnen Jump and Jump Giga! for its 3-part epilogue. It began as a one-shot in April 2012 and then began as a series in November 2012 and then ...

  5. List of Haikyu!! episodes - Wikipedia!!_episodes

    Haikyu!! (ハイキュー!!) is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate that revolves around a high school volleyball team and the relationship between players Hinata Shōyō and Kageyama Tobio. Haikyu!! was ...

  6. Ariyalur district - Wikipedia
    • History
    • Important Places
    • Brihadeeswarar Temple, Gangaikondacholapuram
    • Demographics
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    Ariyalur district was carved out of Perambalur district on 1 January 2001. But, it was merged with Perambalur district on 31 March 2002. Ariyalur district was re-carved on 23 November 2007. The district is bordered by the districts of Cuddalore to the north and north-east, Nagapattinam to the east, Thanjavur to the south and south-east, Tiruchirapalli to the south-west and Perambalur to the west.[citation needed]

    Brihadisvara Temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva in Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Jayankondam, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Completed in 1035 AD by Rajendra Chola I as a part of his new capital, this Chola dynasty era temple is similar in design, and has a similar name, as the older 11th century, Brihadeeswarar Temple about 70 km (43 mi) to the southwest in Thanjavur. The Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple is smaller yet more refined than the Thanjavur Temple. Both are among the largest Shiva temples in South India and examples of Dravidian styletemples.

    According to the 2011 census, Ariyalur district has a population of 754,894, roughly equal to the nation of Guyana or the US state of Alaska. This gives it a ranking of 491 in India (out of a total of 640). The district has a population density of 387 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,000/sq mi) . Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 8.19%. Ariyalur has a sex ratio of 1016 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 71.99%. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes make up 23.3% and 1.4% of the population, respectively. As of 2011 it is the third least populous district of Tamil Nadu (out of 32), after Perambalur and Nilgiris. Jayankondamis the most populated town in Ariyalur district.

  7. Water - Wikipedia

    Water (H2 O) is a polar inorganic compound that is at room temperature a tasteless and odorless liquid, nearly colorless with a hint of blue.This simplest hydrogen chalcogenide is by far the most studied chemical compound and is described as the ...

  8. Music of the Soulcalibur series - Wikipedia
    • Super Battle Sound Attack Soul Edge
    • Soul Edge Original Soundtrack - Khan Super Session
    • Soulcalibur Original Soundtrack
    • Soulcalibur II Original Soundtrack
    • Soulcalibur III Original Soundtrack
    • Soulcalibur IV Original Soundtrack
    • Soulcalibur V Original Soundtrack
    • Soulcalibur Vi Original Soundtrack

    Super Battle Sound Attack Soul Edge is the soundtrack album for the arcade version of Soul Edge. It was composed by Namco employees Takayuki Aihara and Takanori Otsuka, with Aihara providing the majority of the tracks while Otsuka composed tracks 9, 11, 16, 20, and 25. Its 26 tracks have a duration of 42:24. The album was published by Media Remoras on September 20, 1996 with the catalog number of MRCA-20099, and reprinted by Pony Canyona month later on October 21, 1996 with the catalog number PCCG-00365.

    Soul Edge Original Soundtrack - Khan Super Session is the soundtrack album for the PlayStation version of Soul Edge, which contained entirely different music than the arcade version. It was composed by Masumi Itō (tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, and 14), Benten Maru (2, 8, 10, and 16), Yoshiyuki Ito (6 and 12), Aki Hata (4), and Taku Iwasaki(9, 13 and 15). Its 16 tracks have a duration of 58:09. The album was published by BMG Japan on December 18, 1996 with the catalog number BVCH-732.

    Soulcalibur Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for the second game in the Soul series, Soulcalibur. It was composed by Namco employees Junichi Nakatsuru, Yohihito Yano, Akitaka Tohyama, Takanori Otsuka, and Hideki Tobeta. Its 37 tracks span two discs and have a duration of 1:13:21. The second disc is only four tracks long, and contains two arrangements of tracks from the first disc made for the arcade version of the game as well as two additional arrangements. The album was published by Bandai Music Entertainment on October 21, 1999 with the catalog number APCG-9006. Track list

    Soulcalibur II Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for the third game in the Soul series, Soulcalibur II. It was composed by Namco employees Junichi Nakatsuru, Yoshihito Yano, Asuka Sakai, Rio Hamamoto, Ryuichi Takada, and Junichi Takagi. Nakatsuru and Yano had also worked on the prequel's soundtrack. The album's 35 tracks span two discs and have a duration of 1:49:13. The album was published by DigiCube on March 26, 2003 with the catalog numbers SSCX-10086~7. 28 of the tracks were included in a CD distributed with the game's strategy guide in North America titled Soulcalibur II Limited Edition Strategy Guide Soundtrack on August 21, 2003. The Gamecube version of the game received an exclusive track that was a remix of The Legend of Zelda theme which played in Link'sprofile and Destined Battle. Track list

    Soulcalibur III Original Soundtrack - Legend of Sounds is the soundtrack album for Soulcalibur III. It was composed by Namco employees Junichi Nakatsuru, Ryuichi Takada, and Keiki Kobayashi. Its 62 tracks span two discs and have a duration of 2:15:53. The album was published by Victor Entertainment on November 23, 2005 with the catalog number VIZL-158.Like the previous soundtrack in the series, a one-disc, 35-track version of the album was included in the North American strategy guide for the game. It was released on October 25, 2005. Track list

    Soulcalibur IV Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for Soulcalibur IV. It was composed by Namco employees Junichi Nakatsuru, Keiki Kobayashi, Masaharu Iwata, and Hiroyuki Fujita. Its 65 tracks span two discs and have a duration of 2:17:00. The album was published by Marvelous Entertainment on September 3, 2008 with the catalog number MJCD-20132. As with the previous two games in the series, a one-disc, 22-track version of the album was included in the North American strategy guide for the game. It was released on July 22, 2008. Three tracks from the Star Wars films accommodate the three guest characters: The Apprentice, Darth Vader, and Yoda. The tracks are "Duel of the Fates", "The Imperial March," "Qui-Gon's Noble End", and respectively. Track list

    Soulcalibur V Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for Soulcalibur V. It was composed by Junichi Nakatsuru, Hiroki Kikuta, Tomoki Miyoshi, Andrew Aversa, Cris Velasco, Inon Zur, Jillian Aversa, and Jesper Kyd. Its 57 tracks span three discs and have a duration of 2:33:44. The album was published by Creative Intelligence Arts Records on January 31, 2012 with the catalog number SCV-0010112L. A one-disc, 17-track version of the album that included in the collector's edition game, was also released on January 31, 2012. Track list

    Soulcalibur VI Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for Soulcalibur VI. It was composed by Junichi Nakatsuru, Yoshihito Yano, Syuri Misaki, Yu Sugimoto, Rio Hamamoto, and Yukihiro Jindo. Its 71 tracks span four discs and a total length of 3:56:58. The album was published by SweepRecord on July 27, 2019 with the catalog number SRIN-1161. Track list

  9. Marina Bay Sands - Wikipedia
    • Background
    • Attractions
    • Transportation
    • Covid-19 Pandemic
    • in Popular Culture
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    Marina Bay Sands is one of two winning proposals for Singapore's first integrated resorts, the other being the Resorts World Sentosa, which incorporates a family-friendly Universal Studios Theme Park (Universal Studios Singapore). The two large-scale resorts were conceived to meet Singapore's economic and tourism objectives for the next decade and will have 30-year casino licenses, exclusive for the first ten years.Bidders were assessed based on four criteria: tourism appeal and contribution, architectural concept and design, development investment, and strength of the consortium and partners. On 27 May 2006, Las Vegas Sands (LVS) was declared the winner with its business-oriented resort. LVS submitted its winning bid on its own. Its original partner City Developments Limited (CDL), with a proposed 15% equity stake, pulled out of the partnership in the second phase of the tender process. CDL's CEO, Kwek Leng Beng said his company's pullout was a combination of factors—such as diffic...

    Marina Bay Sands has three 55-storey hotel towers which were topped out in July 2009. The three towers are connected by a 1 hectare roof terrace, Sands SkyPark. The observation deckprovides panoramic views across the bay. In front of the three towers include a Theatre Block, a Convention and Exhibition Facilities Block, as well as the Casino Block, which have up to 1,000 gaming tables and 1,400 slot machines. The ArtScience Museum is constructed next to the three blocks and has the shape of a lotus. Its roof is retractable, providing a waterfall through the roof of collected rainwater when closed in the day and laser shows when opened at night. In front of the Event Plaza is Wonder Full, a light and water show that is the largest in Asia and was produced by Laservision. The ArtScience Museumand Wonder Full show opened on 17 February 2011. The SkyPark has the world's longest elevated swimming pool, with a 146-metre (479 ft) vanishing edge (a concept called an infinity pool) located 1...

    By Mass Rapid Transit(MRT): 1. Bayfront, Downtown, and Promenade stations on both the Circle Line and Downtown Line 2. Marina Bay station on the Circle Line, North South Line, and Thomson–East Coast Line 3. Marina Southstation on the Thomson–East Coast Line By public bus: 1. Services 97/97e, 106, 133, 502/502A, 518/518A, NR1, NR6 By water taxi: 1. From Grand Copthorne Water Front, Raffles Landing Side, Boat Quay, River Side Point and Robertson Quay

    In response to the 2020 Singapore circuit breaker measuresthat started on 7 April 2020, Marina Bay Sands announced that it would shut down all hotel facilities as well as attractions such as the ArtScience Museum, The Shoppes, food and beverage outlets, and its casino. On 19 June, the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, including tenant F&B outlets restarted operations with enhanced hygiene and safety protocols, and were only open to Sands Rewards Club (SRC) members. On 1 July, the ArtScience Museum, the Casino and Sands SkyPark Observation Deck joined the other venues in resuming operations, albeit progressively. Again, access was restricted to SRC members only, and in the case of the casino only those SRC members holding Gold status or higher and who were below 70 years of age or existing Annual Levy Holders are authorised access.

    The towers of the Marina Bay Sands have made multiple televised appearance on various franchises of The Amazing Race including the fourth season of the Asian edition of The Amazing Race, the first...
    A partially destroyed version of the structure was featured in the 2015 video game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which takes place 10 years after a biochemical disaster has rendered most of Singapore'...
    It was featured in the 2018 American film Crazy Rich Asians, both in a scenic B-rollof Singapore, as well as a setting towards the end of the film.
    Both the completed and partially destroyed versions of the structure are featured in the opening, various parts of the film, and the end credits of the 2019 animated film Detective Conan: The Fist...
    Marina Bay Sands with the Merlion
    The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands
    Aerial of the roof top pool of Marina Bay Sands
    Night view of Marina Bay Sands from Gardens by the Bay

    Reid, Robert (August 2011). "Towering Imagination". Civil Engineering: 50–59. Archived from the original on 10 February 2008.Discusses the engineering behind the project.

  10. Bundesarchiv_Bild_137-030555,_Wilhelmshaven,_Rückkehr_von_Kriegsgefangenen.jpg (794 × 505 pixels, file size: 73 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.Information from its description page there is shown below.Commo ...

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