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  1. 1 天前 · In statistics, a normal distribution or Gaussian distribution is a type of continuous probability distribution for a real-valued random variable.The general form of its probability density function is = ()The parameter is the mean or expectation of the distribution (and also its median and mode), while the parameter is its standard deviation.

  2. 1 天前 · Air pollution is the contamination of air due to the presence of substances in the atmosphere that are harmful to the health of humans and other living beings, or cause damage to the climate or to materials. [1] It is also the contamination of indoor or outdoor surrounding either by chemical activities, physical or biological agents that alters ...

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    1 天前 · Ryan Thomas Gosling (born November 12, 1980) is a Canadian actor. Prominent in both independent film and major studio features of varying genres, his films have accrued a worldwide box office gross of over 1.9 billion USD.He has received various accolades, including a Golden Globe Award, and nominations for two Academy Awards and a BAFTA Award.

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    1 天前 · The Azores (/əˈzɔːrz/ ə-ZORZ, US also /ˈeɪzɔːrz/, AY-zorz;[3][4] Portuguese: Açores, Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈsoɾɨʃ]), officially the Autonomous Region of the Azores (Região Autónoma dos Açores), is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal (along with Madeira). It is an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands ...

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    1 天前 · Overview 5G networks are cellular networks, in which the service area is divided into small geographical areas called cells. All 5G wireless devices in a cell communicate by radio waves with a cellular base station via fixed antennas, over frequencies assigned by the base station.

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    1 天前 · Pittsburgh ( / ˈpɪtsbɜːrɡ / PITS-burg) is a city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the county seat of Allegheny County.

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    23 小時前 · Lord Byron George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron FRS (22 January 1788 – 19 April 1824) was an English romantic poet and peer. [1] [2] He was one of the leading figures of the Romantic movement, [3] [4] [5] and has been regarded as among the greatest of English poets. [6]

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