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  1. Duck River cache. (Redirected from Duck River Cache) Front view of male "Adam" statue. The Duck River cache is the archaeological collection of 46 Mississippian culture artifacts discovered by a worker on at the Link Farm site in Middle Tennessee in December 1894. [1]

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    ExpressCache. ExpressCache is a Windows -based SSD caching technology developed by Condusiv Technologies and licensed to a number of laptop manufacturers including Acer, ASUS, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, and Fujitsu. ExpressCache is also bundled with some SanDisk products such as ReadyCache; SanDisk currently holds an exclusive ExpressCache license ...

  3. A slowly changing dimension ( SCD) in data management and data warehousing is a dimension which contains relatively static data which can change slowly but unpredictably, rather than according to a regular schedule. [1] Some examples of typical slowly changing dimensions are entities as names of geographical locations, customers, or products.

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    The letters in the acronym MESI represent four exclusive states that a cache line can be marked with (encoded using two additional bits): Modified (M) 1. The cache line is present only in the current cache, and is dirty - it has been modified (M state) from the value in main memory. The cache is required to write the data back to main memory at som...

    The state of the FSM transitions from one state to another based on 2 stimuli. The first stimulus is the processor specific Read and Write request. For example: A processor P1 has a Block X in its Cache, and there is a request from the processor to read or write from that block. The second stimulus comes from another processor, which doesn't have t...

    The most striking difference between the two protocols is the extra "exclusive" state present in the MESI protocol. This extra state was added as it has many advantages. When a processor needs to read a block that none of the other processors haveand then write to it, two bus transactions will take place in the case of MSI. First, a BusRd request i...

    In case continuous read and write operations are performed by various caches on a particular block, the data has to be flushed to the bus every time. Thus the main memory will pull this on every flush and remain in a clean state. But this is not a requirement and is just an additional overhead caused because of the implementation of MESI. This chal...

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    Web applications consist of web pages that need to be downloaded from a network. For this to happen there must be a network connection. However, there are many instances when users cannot connect to a network due to circumstances beyond their control. HTML5 provides the ability to access the web application even without a network connection using t...

    In order for the offline applications to work, a cache manifest file must be created by the web developer. If the web application exceeds more than one page then each page must have a manifest attribute that points to the cache manifest. Every page referencing the manifest will be stored locally. The cache manifest file is a text file located in an...

    The manifest file must start with the line CACHE MANIFEST. Comments start with a #, spaces and blank lines are ignored. Given below is an example of a cache manifest file. Example 1: This manifest file lists three resources: a CSS file, a JavaScript file and a PNG image. When the above file is loaded, the browser will download the test.css, test.js...

    The cache manifest file consists of three section headers. 1. Explicit section with the header CACHE. 2. Online whitelist section with the header NETWORK. 3. Fallback section with the header FALLBACK. Note: Example 1 and Example 2 above, do not indicate any section header and are therefore considered an explicit section by default.

    Events are under the ApplicationCacheJavaScript object. If the browser visits a web page, has NOT seen the web page before and as a result does not recognize the manifest file, the following events will ensue. 1. CheckingEvent - occurs when the browser visits a web page and reads the manifest attribute on the element. 2. DownloadingEvent - i...

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    Bradysaurus is the only member of the subfamily Bradysaurinae. It is the most primitive known pareiasaur and can be considered a good ancestral type from which the others developed. Its large dimensions show that, even very early in their evolutionary history, these strange animals had already attained an optimal size.

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    Buphedrone is a beta-ketone and is related to the naturally occurring compounds, cathinone and cathine. It is also related to methamphetamine, differing by the β- ketone substituent (at the beta carbon) and an ethyl group replacing the methyl group at the carbon alpha to the amine. One other name for buphedrone is phenylacetoethyl-methylamine.