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  1. Festival is a board game that recreates the movements between stages that happen at music festivals. Players will control groups of people, represented by polyominoes, who will enter the concert venue or move according to their interests, they may want to go to one of the four stages, buy some food or drink or buy a t-shirt of their favorite group.

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  3. Hello, 2022 was an excellent year for board games with many good productions. This list is a top 50 games of 2022 based on Top 10's of Games Reviewers (the most famous ones). I watched many videos and kept note of their ranking. Since it is a significant work,

  4. Korean War games cover the military conflict between North and South Korea (and their respective allies) during 1950-1953. The most popular Korean War games are also categorized as Wargames. Historical categories on BGG: Ancient Medieval ...

  5. Family 134 7.6 Akropolis (2022) Build your Greek city on multiple levels to keep your districts perfectly placed. 3.3K Rating s & 510 Comment s · GeekBuddy Analysis 2–4 Players Community: 2–4 — Best: 2–3 20–30 Min Playing Time Age: 8+ Community: 8+ Weight: 1.80 / 5 'Complexity' Rating Designer Jules Messaud Artist Pauline Detraz

  6. 21 Game Salute. 2Pionki. 4VP - The Gaming Podcast. A Bit of Board Games: A Board Game Design Journey. Abenteuer Brettspiele Podcast. Ablagestapel - Der Podcast über Spiele. Across The Board - A Board Game Podcast. Action Points!

  7. 2022年2月26日 · Since I really enjoyed the feedbacks on the first list I published last year I decided to make a list like this every year to see how my tastes and the single-player scene evolves very strongly every year.This is a list of my favorite solo board games. I make this list