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  1. 鹿儿岛(日语: 鹿児島市 / かごしまし Kagoshima shi * /?,日語發音: [ka ɡo ɕima ɕi] )是位于日本 九州岛南端的一个城,是鹿儿岛县的縣廳所在地,也是鹿儿岛县的政治、经济、文化中心,人口數佔了全鹿兒島縣的35% [2],同時也是九州地方人口是第四多的城市,次於福岡、北九州、熊本

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    鹿児島市(かごしまし)は、鹿児島県の中部に位置する。鹿児島県の県庁所在地及び最大の都市で、中核に指定されている [1]。 鹿児島湾西岸の市街地から桜島を望む景観がイタリアのナポリからヴェスヴィオ火山を望む風景に似ていることから、「東洋のナポリ」と称される [2]。

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    • History
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    • Notable People from Kagoshima City

    Kagoshima Prefecture (also known as the Satsuma Domain) was the center of the territory of the Shimazu clan for many centuries. Kagoshima City was a busy political and commercial port city throughout the medieval period and into the Edo period (1603–1868) when it formally became the capital of the Shimazu's fief, the Satsuma Domain. The official em...

    On August 1, 1934 – the Villages of Yoshino, Nakagōriu and Nishitakeda, all from Kagoshima District, were merged into Kagoshima.
    On October 1, 1950 – the Villages of Ishiki and Higashisakurajima (both from Kagoshima District) were merged into Kagoshima.
    On April 29, 1967 – the Cities of Kagoshima and Taniyama were merged and became city of new Kagoshima.
    On November 1, 2004 – the Towns of Yoshida and Sakurajima (both from Kagoshima District); the Towns of Matsumoto and Koriyama (both from Hioki District); and the town of Kiire (from Ibusuki Distric...

    Kagoshima City is approximately 40 minutes from Kagoshima Airport, and features shopping districts and malls located wide across the city. Transportation options in the city include the Shinkansen (bullet train), local train, city trams, buses, and ferries to-and-from Sakurajima. The large and modern Kagoshima City Aquarium, situated near the Sakur...

    As of 1 January 2020, Kagoshima City has an estimated population of 595,049 and a population density of 1,087 persons per km2. The total area is 547.58 km2 (211 sq mi). According to the April 2014 issue of the Kagoshima Prefectural Summary by the Kagoshima Prefecture Department of Planning and Promotion, the population of the prefecture at large wa...

    Universities and Colleges

    1. Kagoshima University 2. The International University of Kagoshima 3. Shigakukan University 4. Kagoshima Prefectural College 5. Kagoshima Immaculate Heart College 6. Kagoshima Women's College

    High schools

    1. Kagoshima Prefectural Konan High School 2. Kagoshima Prefectural Tsurumaru High School 3. La Salle Junior and Senior High School etc.


    All lines are operated by Kyushu Railway Company(JR Kyushu) 1. Kyushu Shinkansen 1.1. Kagoshima-Chūō Station 2. Kagoshima Main Line 2.1. Satsuma-Matsumoto Station – Kami-Ijuin Station – Hiroki Station – Kagoshima-Chuo Station – Kagoshima Station 3. Nippo Main Line 3.1. Ryugamizu Station– Kagoshima Station 4. Ibusuki Makurazaki Line 4.1. Kagoshima-Chuo Station – Korimoto Station – Minami-Kagoshima Station – Usuki Station – Taniyama Station – Jigenji Station – Sakanoue Station – Goino Station –...


    1. Kagoshima City Transportation BureauTaniyama Line 2. Kagoshima City Transportation BureauKorimoto Line


    1. National Route 3 2. National Route 10 3. National Route 58 4. National Route 224 5. National Route 225 6. National Route 226 7. National Route 328 8. Kyushu Expressway 9. Minamikyushu Expressway 10. Ibusuki Skyline

    Kagoshima was one of the host cities of the official 1998 Women's Volleyball World Championship. Kagoshima is home to Kagoshima United. They play their home games at Kagoshima Kamoike Stadium.

    Kagoshima is twinnedwith: 1. Naples Street in Kagoshima 2. Perth Street in Kagoshima 3. Miami Street in Kagoshima 4. Kyogetsu-Tei in Kagoshima commemorating the friendship city relationship with Changsha

    Bernardo the Japanese – Japanese Christian convert, disciple of Saint Francis Xavier, and the first Japanese to set foot in Europe
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    鹿児島県(かごしまけん)は、日本の九州地方に位置する県。 県庁所在地は鹿児島市。 九州島の南側には離島(薩南諸島)が点在する [1]。九州島の部分は県本土と表現され、2つの半島(薩摩半島・大隅半島)を有する。 霧島山、桜島、種子島宇宙センター、世界自然遺産の屋久島、奄美大島 ...

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  5. 2019/7/17 · ・地址:鹿児島市 東桜島町 ・營業時間:(採蜜橘)9月下旬~12月中旬(需事前預約) ... 圖片來源:Wikipedia 而同樣利用火山灰土壤所種植出的世界最重「櫻島蘿蔔」也相當出名,誕生在混有火山噴發物的荒地中,夕陽照耀下整齊排列在田園裡 ...

  6. 鹿児島市東京事務所, 東京都千代田区。 598 個讚 · 2 個打卡次。鹿児島市東京事務所の公式Facebookページです。 首都圏在住の皆様に、首都圏における鹿児島関連のイベント情報

  7. 天文館で撮った写真や、天文館に関する情報を載せて行きます 何か情報がありましたら、ウォールに書き込んで頂けると有り難いです 日本鹿儿岛县鹿儿岛

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