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    2023年11月23日 · Lecterns, when placed into the world, will hold a single written book or book and quill. Hold the book in your hand, aim at the lectern, and then hit the use key to place it. Once placed, using the lectern allows you to read the book. To take it out again you can left click in Bedrock Edition, or use the reading interface in Java Edition.

  2. 2023年11月24日 · Minecraft Japan Staff. 公開済み. 2023/11/24. To make it easier for players and parents to find the right servers for them, Mojang has partnered with GamerSafer to create the Official Minecraft Server List.

  3. 2023年11月24日 · Head over to this page, which explains the Java Realms Content Creator Program. If you have questions about this process, you can find me on Twitter. Happy Minecrafting! 作者. Oskar Thysell. 发布日期. 2023/11/24.

  4. 2023年11月24日 · by Supersette. Plato’s allegory of the cave deals with perception. Apparently, some of us are stuck watching life through the shadows dancing on the cave wall, and only once we realize this and turn around to see things for ourselves do we get a truthful view of the world. You’ll have to forgive this somewhat outdated idea – back then ...

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