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    2023年1月27日 · My final factory in my first game.

  2. 2023年1月27日 · William Hillaris. @Wilall138. Yesterday. Great game! I played it on a turbulent airplane recently!! All cards landed safely. Tip. Quote. G.

  3. 2023年1月25日 · Look at Moo Invaders, the card game where you lead your team of cute, but hungry aliens on a mission to capture as many cows as possible to save your civilization from starvation. In this strategy card game, you'll compete against other players in three series of rounds. The key to success is your ability to evaluate your cards, set proper ...

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    Ability Cards

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    Countersheet Front

  6. 2023年1月27日 · I've been thinking for a while about making a generic board game player piece set. My original thought was to do wooden pieces, but that would involve a lot of investment in the various pieces in the various colours. Now I've realised that I can do a 3d printing model set, which would expand the options - translucent, glitter, etc.

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