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  1. 2016年11月1日 · Nov 1, 2016 《奥丁的盛宴》,A Feast for Odin,一款由乌玫瑰设计,于2016年发售的桌游。 设计师把《拼布》的拼图机制融合到之前设计的各种农场主题工人放置游戏中,并且加入了更多的可选行动,使得乌玫瑰的种地游戏越种越复杂。 游戏中,玩家将扮演一支维京家族,通过耕种,畜牧和掠夺发家致富。 最终,资产最多的玩家将游戏的胜利者。 本文将简单介绍一下游戏的背景,核心机制,游戏流程,基本的规则介绍以及关于维京人的一些知识。 之后,可能会出一篇战报,进行玩后的体验评价。 在读完全篇文章后虽然不能不看规则书的直接玩游戏,但应该会对游戏有个基本但全面的了解。 简单来说,这一款非常乌玫瑰式的游戏,又有相当有趣的突破。

  2. 2023年8月2日 · Evenfall is a card-driven, engine-building game with both novel and familiar mechanisms for 1 to 4 players. Manage your resources, execute your actions in an efficient order, and discover card and action synergies that generate victory points. The game ends after three rounds, then the player with the most points wins.

  3. Orbito | Board Game | BoardGameGeek Rank: Overall 14,236 Abstract 641 6.9 Orbito (2022) Align four marbles of your colour to win! 52 Rating s & 15 Comment s · GeekBuddy Analysis 2 Players Community: 2 — Best: 2 10 Min Playing Time Age: 7+ Community: (no votes) Weight: 1.50 / 5 'Complexity' Rating Publisher FlexiQ Games See Full Credits My rating

  4. Mechanism. Cooperative Game Real-Time Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game Traitor Game Voting. Strategic Family Party Game Based On The BBC TV Show. BASED ON THE NEW BBC SERIES. The Traitors brand new card game is based on the new reality competition series of strategy and suspicion. TVs most exciting psychological game.

  5. Two interconnected storylines take players back in time, and hundreds of years into the future, in an exciting new expansion for Aeon's End! Aeon's End: Past and Future includes two full expeditions: The Past Campaign and the Future Campaign. These narratives can be played in either order - Future first, or Past first. The expansion includes:

  6. TSUKUYUMI is a no-luck boardgame, that demands specific strategic skills of its players. Its particular appeal lies in the clash of multifarious, asymmetrical factions. At the beginning, each player picks one of the five factions. The factions bring their own respective abilities, units and strategies.

  7. Nucleum is a heavy euro board game in which players take role of industrialists trying to succeed during the economic and technological boom of 19th-century Saxony, fueled by the invention and spread of the Nucleum (a nuclear reactor). Players earn victory points by developing their networks, building and powering urban buildings, securing ...

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