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  1. 1762.TW - 中化生 (台灣)

    62.20-1.000 (-1.58%)

    2020/10/26 16:29 臺灣股市 已收盤 (報價延遲最少十五分鐘)

    • 開盤 63.60
    • 最高 64.20
    • 最低 62.00
    • 昨收 63.20
    • 成交量 2018張
    • 12週均量 4920張
    • 52週最高 78.80
    • 52週最低 26.20
  2. Block Bot - P2P Foundation

    URL = Description Glenn Fleishman: "The Block Bot seems to be the first or first widely used Collaborative Blocking tool, and its original ...

  3. Category:Technology - P2P Foundation

    The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 1,762 total. (previous page) 3 3D Robotics 3D Scanner 3Ducation Project A Aaron Bastani on Fully Automated Luxury Communism Aaron Swartz on Peer To Peer, Digital Rights Management and Web 2.0 ...

  4. Debt Forgiveness - P2P Foundation
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    Eric Toussaint: "In the present day, debt repayment has become a taboo subject. Heads of State and of governments, central banks, the IMF and the mass media, all present it as though it were inevitable, unquestionable, and obligatory. Citizens must resign themselves to paying off the debt. The only discussion possible focuses on how to distribute the burden of sacrifice needed in order to free up enough budgetary resources to fulfil the commitments of the indebted nation. The governments who have borrowed were elected democratically, goes the reasoning, therefore their actions are legitimate. The debt must be paid off. We must pierce the smoke-screen of creditors and re-establish the historical truth. Generalised debt cancellations have been enacted repeatedly throughout history. These cancellations correspond to different contexts. In the cases mentioned above, proclamations of general debt cancellation were made at the initiative of rulers concerned with upholding social peace. In...

    In the Jewish Tradtion

    Stephen A. O’Connell: "The Mosaic law, as set out in the Hebrew Torah, lays out three cyclical periods ofrest: the Sabbath, occurring every 7th day, the Sabbatical year, occurring every 7th year,and the Jubilee year, occurring every 50th year (following 7 sabbaticals). Jews areadmonished not to work on the Sabbath day and not to plant or harvest in either theSabbatical year or the year of Jubilee. The Sabbatical and Jubilee years, however, havedistinctive features associated with freedom from...

    Babylon: King Hammurabi's debt cancellation

    Eric Toussaint: "The Hammurabi Code is in the Louvre Museum, in Paris. The term “code” is inappropriate, because what Hammurabi left us is a set of rules and judgements on relations between public authorities and citizens. Hammurabi began his 42-year reign as “king” of Babylon (located in present-day Iraq), in 1792 BC. What most history books fail to mention is that, like other governors of the City-State of Mesopotamia, Hammurabi proclaimed the official cancellation of citizens’ debts owed t...

    Mesopotamia over 1000 years

    Eric Toussaint: "Proclamations of general debt cancellation began long before Hammourabi’s reign and continued afterwards. There is evidence of debt cancellation as far back as 2400 BC, six centuries before Hammurabi’s reign, in the city of Lagash (Sumer). The most recent instance dates back to 1400 B.C. in Nuzi. In all, historians have identified with certainty about thirty general debt cancellations in Mesopotamia from 2400 to 1400 BC. Michael Hudson |2| is right to claim that general debt...

    The excerpts above from an article of Eric Toussaint, which "is mainly based on the historical synthesis presented by Michael Hudson, doctor in economics, in several fascinating articles and books...
    David Graeber, “Debt: The First 5000 Years”, Melvillehouse, New York, 2011, 542 p.