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  2. 刷星展eco永續卡,日本/韓國/新加坡/歐洲/美洲享最高5%回饋,新戶首刷禮再送人氣行李箱. 台灣大部分信用卡在歐洲地區刷卡0回饋,星展eco永續卡逆勢加碼最高5%回饋!

  3. 信用卡即時熱門排行,網友必辦神卡都在這!刷卡優惠、首刷禮輕鬆比較,找出最適合你的卡! 辦信用卡選哪家好?鎖定需求,精選2024現金回饋、網購、行動支付等神卡一次比較,輕鬆省荷包!

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    OK忠訓國際,債務整合專家,有效整合各類負債,降低利率、月付金,解決資金問題,立即免費諮詢。 面臨繳款問題?OK忠訓國際債務整合提供多種方案,一次全面剖析,有效解決債務問題,生活變輕鬆!


  1. 2022年12月27日 · Most Anticipated Movie Releases of 2023 From 'Cocaine Bear' to 'Fast X,' Ant-Man to Aquaman, 'Barbie' to 'Blue Beetle,' and everything in between. By Kimberly Nordyke, Editor

  2. 2023年12月13日 · THR's film critics rank the best movies of 2023, including 'Past Lives,' 'Poor Things,' 'All of Us Strangers' and 'Killers of the Flower Moon.

  3. 2024年4月8日 · The full year of 2023 provided some positives for sector watchers. One entertainment titan ended up eking out a small profit for its streaming unit, while two others narrowed their losses in...

  4. 2024年2月21日 · Just 30 percent of Hollywood movies in 2023 featured women leads or co-leads, according to the latest study from Annenberg Inclusion Initiative.

  5. 2023年12月6日 · Movie News. National Board of Review Names ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Best Film of 2023. The Martin Scorsese-directed movie won four awards in total while 'The Holdovers' won three awards and...

  6. 2023年1月24日 · Riz Ahmed and Allison Williams revealed the nominees for the 2023 Oscars in 23 categories, including best picture, best director, best original and adapted screenplay, the awards for actor and ...

  7. 2023年12月21日 · The Best Horror Movies of 2023. From studio features like 'Scream VI' and 'M3GAN' to indie and streaming gems such as 'No One Will Save You' and 'Infinity Pool,' The Hollywood Reporter columnist...

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