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  1. 21歲網紅青青 相關
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    OB嚴選x超人氣網紅焦凡凡,風格聯名穿搭新提案,休閒x運動x甜美,跟著OB穿出你的自信. 《OB嚴選x焦凡凡》風格聯名企劃,購買聯名系列商品,用喜歡的樣子過好日子

  1. 21 & Over is a 2013 American comedy film written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, in their directorial debut. The film stars Justin Chon , Miles Teller , and Skylar Astin , and follows a trio of friends who go out drinking to celebrate one of their 21st birthdays despite having a medical interview the following morning.

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    "Freedom at 21" was released as a single on April 1, 2012. To distribute the single, Third Man Records released 1000 helium balloons attached to flexi-disc copies of the song. In addition, the balloons were attached to postcards with directions on how to inform Third Man Records of the discovery. The single was later released via digital downloadon...

    "Freedom at 21" contains elements of hip hop music. Its "clattering drum pattern" was created by placing a tape echo on a drum beat played by Carla Azar.

    The music video for "Freedom at 21" was directed by Hype Williams and stars Brittany Colombo as a police officer. It was filmed in June 2012 over a five-day period. Filming sessions for the desert scenes occurred in Lancaster, California and lasted between four and five hours per day. The remainder of the video was filmed at a studio in Burbank, Ca...

    Adapted from "Freedom at 21" vinyl single liner notes. "Freedom at 21" 1. Jack White – lead vocals, electric guitar solo, writer (music and lyrics), producer, mixing 2. Olivia Jean– electric guitar 3. Bryn Davies – upright bass 4. Carla Azar – drums 5. Vance Powell – recording, mixing 6. Joshua V. Smith – assistant in recording and mixing 7. Mindy ...

    • "Inaccessible Mystery"
    • April 1, 2012
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    The two other founding members of the original Elton John Band (active 1969–1975), drummer Nigel Olsson and bass player Dee Murray, reunited with him for two songs. His keyboardist James Newton Howard returned and performed on almost every track, as was the case on Rock of the Westies and Blue Moves. Other musicians included members of the Eagles a...

    Side two

    1. Eleven more songs, excluding the B-sides, were recorded during these sessions: five of which were "Heart in the Right Place", "Carla/Etude", "Fanfare", "Chloe" and "Elton's Song"; these would appear on John's next release, The Fox. Two other songs recorded were French-language duets with France Gall, entitled "Les Aveux" and "Donner Pour Donner", which were respectively released in France as the A-side and B-side of a 7" single. One song was "The Retreat" which was the B-side of the single...

    Track numbering refers to CD and digital releases of the album. 1. Elton John – lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic piano (1, 3, 5, 6), overdubbed piano (1, 3, 5, 6, 8), Yamaha electric piano (4), Wurlitzer electric piano(8) 2. James Newton Howard – Fender Rhodes (2, 6, 7), Yamaha CS-80 (2), electronic keyboards(3, 7), acoustic piano (9) 3. David...

    Produced by Clive Franks and Elton John
    Engineers – Clive Franks, Steve Desper (Track 6), Patrick Jaunead (Tracks 1–4, 6–9).
    Second engineers – David Burgess (Tracks 1–4, 6–9), David Leonard, Peggy McCreary and Stephen McManus.
    Recorded at Super Bear Studios (Berre-les-Alpes, France); Rumbo Recorders and Sunset Sound Recorders(Los Angeles, CA).
    • UEFA U-23 Championship Record
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    Since the under-21 competition rules insist that players must be 21 or under at the start of a two-year competition, technically it is an U-23 competition. For this reason, Switzerland's record in the preceding U-23 competitions is also shown. 1. 1972: Did not qualify. Finished 2nd of 2 in qualification group 2. 1974: Did not enter 3. 1976: Did not...

    1995–2001: Köbi Kuhn
    2001–2007: Bernard Challandes
    2007–2009: Pierre-André Schürmann
    2009–2015: Pierluigi Tami
    The following players were called up for the 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualificationmatches.
    Match dates:4 and 8 June 2022
    Opposition: Bulgaria and Moldova
    Caps and goals correct as of: 4 June 2022, after the match against Bulgaria
  3. 1984 →. The 1982 UEFA European Under-21 Championship was the 3rd staging of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship. The qualifying stage spanned two years (1980–82) and had 26 entrants. West Germany competed in the competition for the first time. England U-21s won the competition.

  4. The 1992 UEFA European Under-21 Championship, which spanned two years (1990–92), had 32 entrants. Malta and Israel competed for the first time. This was also the first appearance of the unified Germany team. Italy U-21s won the competition. The competition doubled as the European qualifying round for the Olympic Football Tournament.

  5. The 2000 UEFA European Under-21 Championship was the 12th staging of UEFA's European Under-21 Championship. The final tournament was hosted by Slovakia from 27 May to 4 June 2000. The tournament had 47 entrants. Northern Ireland competed for the first time. For the first time a finals tournament with two groups of four teams was held, with one ...

  1. 21歲網紅青青 相關
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    OB嚴選x超人氣網紅焦凡凡,風格聯名穿搭新提案,休閒x運動x甜美,跟著OB穿出你的自信. 《OB嚴選x焦凡凡》風格聯名企劃,購買聯名系列商品,用喜歡的樣子過好日子

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