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  2. Units. Ground units in Next War: Taiwan represent primarily brigades, regiments, and battalions of the armies of the PRC and ROC and the United States. All ground units are rated for their attack and defense strengths, movement capabilities, and unit efficiency. Air units represent fighter, bomber, and attack squadrons of the major combatants ...

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  3. The Everlasting Glory: Chinese War of Resistance 1937-1945. Formosa Force Games is a publisher for designing postcard games and Board Wargame magazine in Taiwan. Board Wargame magazine is the first and only wargame magazine in Chinese. It is published every year.

  4. Only one House will emerge victorious from the coming struggle, while the other will be lost in the desert sands. It's into this grim reality that players will be thrust in Dune: War for Arrakis. In this asymmetrical strategy game, players fight for control of the planet, maneuvering troops like the Fremen, the Fedaykin, and the fearsome ...

  5. Classification. Welcome to Taiwan Night Market, the paradise for street food lovers! In this game, you play as an ambitious verdor trying to make a fortune by bidding on the best locations for your stalls and attract customers with your most delicious food. Can you outwit your competitors and be crowned the king of the night market vendors?

  6. Description. The War: The Pacific, 1941-1945 (“TWP”) simulates the military, naval, economic, diplomatic and political aspects of World War II in the Asia and the Pacific theatres. It may be played on its own or may be combined with The War: Europe 1939-1945 (“TWE”) to recreate the entire Second World War.

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