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  1. Phison - Wikipedia › wiki › Phison

    ... public electronics company that primarily designs, manufactures and sells controllers for NAND flash memory chips.[1] These are integrated into flash-based products such as USB flash drives, memory cards, and solid-state drives (SSDs).[2] S ...

  2. Timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan - Wikipedia › wiki › Timeline_of_the_COVID-19_pandemic_in

    As of 7 July, there were 27 new infections in Saitama, 12 people in Osaka, 11 people in Chiba, 9 people in Kanagawa, Kyoto and Kagoshima. Tokyo confirmed 75 new cases of COVID-19 Wednesday, marking the first time the daily figure in the capital ...

  3. Mobile telephone numbering in India - Wikipedia › wiki › Mobile_telephone_numbering_in_India

    In India, mobile numbers (including pagers) on GSM, WCDMA, and LTE networks start with either 9, 8, 7 or 6.Each telecom circle is allowed to have multiple private operators; earlier it was two private + BSNL/MTNL, subsequently it changed to ...

  4. Presumption - Wikipedia › wiki › Presumption
    • History
    • Specific Presumptions
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    The ancient Jewish law code, the Talmud, included reasoning from presumptions (hazakah), propositions taken to be true unless there was reason to believe otherwise, such as "One does not ordinarily pay a debt before term." The same concept was found in ancient Roman law, where, for example, if there was doubt as to whether a child was really the issue of someone who had left money in a will, the presumption was in favour of the child. Medieval Roman and canon law graded presumptions according to strength: light, medium or probable, and violent. These gradings and many individual presumptions were taken over into English law in the seventeenth century by Edward Coke.

    A number of presumptions are found in most common lawjurisdictions. Examples of these presumptions include: 1. The presumption of death. A person who has been absent for seven years without explanation and "gone to parts unknown" is presumed dead at common law.The time period it takes for the presumption to arise has often been modified by statute. 2. The presumption of sanity. A person who faces criminal trial is presumed sane until the opposite is proved. Similarly, a person is presumed to have testamentary capacity until there is evidence to undermine that presumption. 3. The presumption of innocence, which holds that the prosecution bears the burden of proof in a criminal case with the result that the accused may be acquitted without putting forward any evidence. 4. The presumption of legitimacy or presumption of paternity, which presumes that a husband is the biological father of a child born to his wife during the marriage, or within nine months after the marriage is ended by...

    John Hubbersty Mathews and Benjamin Rand. A Treatise on the Doctrine of Presumption and Presumptive Evidence: As Affecting the Title to Real and Personal Property. Gould, Banks and Company. New Yor...
    William Mawdesley Best. A Treatise on Presumptions of Law and Fact, with the Theory and Rules of Presumptive or Circumstantial Proof in Criminal Cases. London. 1844. Google Books. Philadelphia. 184...
    John Davison Lawson. The Law of Presumptive Evidence: Including Presumptions both of Law and of Fact, and the Burden of Proof both in Civil and Criminal Cases, Reduced to Rules. Bancroft-Whitney Co...
  5. Iba, Zambales - Wikipedia › wiki › Iba,_Zambales
    • History
    • Geography
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    Iba was founded by the Order of Augustinian Recollect priests led by Fray Rodrigo de San Miguel in 1611 as the village of Paynauen. The early inhabitants of the town are called Zambals. They were later joined by the Ilocanos who migrated to the town which resulted in intermingling of customs and traditions. The Aeta people settled in the hinterlands and the majority of them dwelled in the Mount Pinatuboarea. In 1680, the administration of the town was turned over to the Dominican priests until the civil government came to power. There are no available records as to when Paynauen was renamed to Iba. The municipality was named after the sour fruit "Iba", commonly known as kamias (Averrhoa bilimbi), which is abundant in the place. Local folkloretalks about the Spaniards who came to the town asking the name of the place, the natives shouted "Iba, Iba" thinking that the man was asking what they were eating. From then on, the place was called Iba. The permanent capital of Zambales was mov...

    The municipality of Iba is bounded by the municipalities of Botolan to the south, Palauig to the north, the province of Tarlac to the east, and the South China Sea to the west. Like most of the municipalities in the province, Iba is geographically bound by the coast in the west with the Zambales Mountainsin the eastern portion of the municipality.

    In the 2015 census, the population of Iba, Zambales, was 50,506 people, with a density of 330 inhabitants per square kilometre or 850 inhabitants per square mile. The population of Iba has become a mixture of different people over the last twenty years as opportunities in employment and business attracted people from Pangasinan, Bataan, and Batangas. Originally, the population was composed of the Sambal and Ilocano speaking people. While Sambal and Ilocano are spoken by many of the population, Tagalog has become the common dialect spoken in Iba.

    Being a center of employment and commerce as well being the host of major educational institutions, the population of Iba increase during day time because of traders, market buyers, students, government and private employees flocking in the town. There are currently 2 malls in the municipality, Iba Town Center Mall - the first community mall in the town and City Supermarket, Inc. (CSI Mall). Happy Go Shopping Center is also in list for shopping destination in town, (Robinsons Place Iba - planned), (Walter Mart Iba - planned). Giant known supermarkets in the country has also branches in Iba like SM Savemore Market, Robinson's Supermarket, PureGold Iba, CSI Supermarket and Ramrod Supermarket. There are also some of the major fast food restaurants like Jollibee, McDonald's, Greenwich, Chowking, Mang Inasal, Max's Restaurant, Andoks, Goldilocks, Red Ribbon, Cindy's, Roberto's Steak House, Shakey's Pizza and more. Iba also have some of the major banks in Country like Metrobank, BDO, BPI,...

    Tourism is one of the major economic activity in Iba during the summer period. It has become a popular destination for summer vacationists and tourists due to the pristine and beautiful beaches that line the shorelines of Iba, and adventure trekking to the unique 3-series of Iba waterfalls. Its pollution-free beaches due to the absence of industrial-polluting activities in the locality, make it one of the best places in the Philippines. In response to the growing number of both local and foreign visitors, investments in beach resorts have increased in the last fifteen years. Today there are about 50 beach resorts in Iba.

    By land

    1. Iba is easily reached from Manila and Pangasinan by land transportation. It is 204 kilometres (127 mi) from Rizal Park in Manila via North Luzon Expressway exiting in San Fernando, Pampangato Olongapo. From Olongapo, Iba is 78 kilometres (48 mi) away.

    By air

    1. The town can be also reached by small aircraft using the Iba Airport, a small feeder airport with a 900-metre (3,000 ft) runway located along the coast of Iba.

    The provincial government administers the President Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital in Bargy. Palanginan to provide convenient medical services at a lower costs to the people of the Zambales. The hospital received a ₱50-million equipment upgrade in 2011 to better serve its patients. The Santa Cecilia Medical Center is a private institution offering one of the most complete and advance medical facilities in the province.

    Tertiary education

    The Ramon Magsaysay Technological University (RMTU), formerly Ramon Magsaysay Polytechnic College (RMPC), is a government-funded higher education institution founded in 1910. The school was merged with two other colleges in the province in 1998 to become the present multi-campus universitysystem. Its main campus is located in the center of Iba with satellite campuses located all over the province. The provincial office of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority(TESDA) in Zamb...

    The movie Apocalypse Now (shot in 1976; released in 1979) was about to be filmed by Francis Ford Coppola in Iba when Typhoon Olga (Didang) destroyed the sets constructed for the movie. The sets wer...

  6. Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou - Wikipedia › wiki › Miss_Caretaker_of_Sunohara-sou
    • Plot
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    The series follows the shy Aki Shiina, whose feminine looks often cause him to be teased and mistaken for a girl. Wanting to reaffirm his identity as a man, he moves to the lodging house Sunohara-sou in Tokyo, and forms a crush on its motherly caretaker Ayaka Sunohara; his plan does not go smoothly, as Ayaka and the other residents – Yuzu Yukimoto, Sumire Yamanashi and Yuri Kazami of the Tanamachi student council – often tease him and make him wear women's clothes, while he keeps getting read as a girl.

    Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou is written and illustrated by Nekoume, and serialized as a four-panel manga by Ichijinsha in their seinen manga magazine Manga 4-Koma Palette since 2014; serialization ended in February 22, 2020, but was renewed October 22 the same year. The manga has been collected in seven tankōbon volumes in Japan, the second of which included an audio drama.

    An anime television series adaptation of the series was produced by Silver Link, and was directed by Mirai Minato, with Shin Oonuma as chief director, Fumihiko Shimo in charge of series composition, and Kazuya Hirata designing the characters. The music was composed by Ruka Kawada at FlyingDog. The voice cast from the audio drama reprised their roles for the anime, on request from Nekoume. Owing to the limited number of characters, only a small number of people were present during recording sessions, most of whom were women,leading to what Sato described as a cozy and friendly atmosphere. Sato aimed to make her portrayal of Ayaka come across as easy-going and gentle, while Kitamura aimed to portray Aki as innocent and pure, describing him as at times similar to "a small animal"; she thought that this was helped by how she is a woman, and that a male actor would have resulted in the character leaving a different impression. The series aired from July 5 to September 20, 2018 on AT-X, T...

    The first two volumes of the series were both among the best selling comics in Japan during their respective debut weeks, and by May 2018, over 350,000 copies of the manga had been sold.The anime did not have a big long-term effect on the manga sales. Manga.Tokyo, Animate Times and Honey's Anime found the characters in the series cute, and thought it was cute to see Aki dressing like a girl. Honey's Anime considered the series cute, funny, and sexy, with the concept of being emasculated by pretty women "the ideal life", and called it funny to see Aki's misunderstandings and his attempts to impress Ayaka while pretending he is not doing so. They thought the series was not particularly original, but still thought that it succeeded in portraying its character archetypes. They liked the dynamic between Aki and Ayaka, but were at the same time grateful that their relationship did not turn romantic considering how much older Ayaka is than Aki.They considered several of the characters a bi...

    Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou (manga) at Anime News Network's encyclopedia
  7. Louis Armstrong Hot Five and Hot Seven Sessions - Wikipedia › wiki › Louis_Armstrong_Hot_Five_and_Hot

    The Louis Armstrong Hot Five and Hot Seven Sessions were recorded between 1925 and 1928 by Louis Armstrong with his Hot Five and Hot Seven groups. According to the National Recording Registry,[1] "Louis Armstrong was jazz's first great ...

  8. Auchencrow - Wikipedia › wiki › Auchencrow
    • Etymology
    • Billie Mains and Tower
    • Berwickshire Rhymes
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    Around 1210, the village was referred to as Aldenegraue. It had become Aldencraw by the end of the 13th century, then Adincraw by the start of the 17th century, Auchincraw by 1771, and Auchencrow by 1860. The modern name, Auchencrow, tends to obscure the question of origins. A Gaelic origin is accepted by Watson (1926, 138) and Nicholaisen (1976, 138). It is thought that the meaning is "achadh na crà", or "field of the tree or trees". This is apparently contradicted by the 12th-century name-form ‘Alden-’, also preserved, for example, in four 13th-century Durham charters. Mac an Tàilleir suggests the form Aldenacraw may be derived from a name for the watercourse (such as the Gaelic Allt na Crà, "stream of the salmon trap") rather than the settlement itself. Something like ‘Halden’s Grave’ or ‘Halden’s Grove’ could be nearer the original idea, but it is more natural to use the current name, and to speak of the village of Auchencrow. This is itself a form only recently derived by folk-...

    South of Auchencrow towards Chirnside, during the war of the Rough Wooing, Billie was burnt in May 1544 during the withdrawal of Lord Hertford's army from Edinburgh. The castle tower, "Byllye tower 9 miles from Berwick on the edge of Lammermore, between Angus's barony of Boncle, and Coldingham" (WikiMiniAtlas55°49′48″N 2°14′24″W / 55.8299°N 2.2400°W / 55.8299; -2.2400 (Billie Tower)), was captured on Candlemass Dayin January 1548 by the English soldier Thomas Carlile, who overcame the guard with 10 companions dressed "in maner of Skottes." He garrisoned the tower with 50 horsemen. Billie Castle was mentioned with two other neighbouring strongholds Bonkyll Castle and Blanerne Castle in a prophetic rhyme referring to their construction in the time of David I;

    Auchencrow and Billie were mentioned in place-name verses recorded in the 19th century; Although the 19th-century editor considered the latter verse of recent origin, he noted "Jamie Bour" as a reference to the servant of Robert Logan of Restalrig and Fast Castle mentioned in the Gowrie Conspiracytrial in 1608, who had property in the village.

  9. List of postal codes in Germany - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_postal_codes_in_Germany

    Postal codes in Germany, Postleitzahl (plural Postleitzahlen, abbreviated to PLZ; literally "postal routing number"), since 1 July 1993 have consisted of five digits. The first two digits indicate the wider area, the last three digits ...

  10. Inevitable discovery - Wikipedia › wiki › Inevitable_discovery
    • Origin of The Doctrine
    • Applicability of and Limitations on The Inevitable Discovery Doctrine
    • Relationship to The Independent Source Exception
    • Application in State Court
    • Criticisms of The Doctrine

    Nix v. Williams

    The inevitable discovery doctrine was first adopted by the United States Supreme Court in Nix v. Williams in 1984. In that case, Williams, the defendant, challenged the admissibility of evidence about the location and condition of the victim's body, given that it had been obtained from him in violation of his Sixth Amendment right to counsel. The Court held that the evidence was admissible because law enforcement would "inevitably" have discovered the body even without Williams' statements, b...

    Rationale for the doctrine

    In adopting the inevitable discovery doctrine in Nix, the Supreme Court discussed the basic reasoning underlying the doctrine. The rationale behind the inevitable discovery exception is the flip side to that underlying the exclusionary rule—the exclusionary rule's purpose is to deter police from violating constitutional and statutory rights. In other words, it functions to make sure the police should not be put in a better place than they would have been had they refrained from illegal conduc...

    Burden and standard of proof

    In Nix, the Court established that the prosecution bears the burden of establishing, by a preponderance of the evidence, that discovery of the evidence would have been inevitable. The defendant had argued for the higher clear and convincing evidencestandard, but the Court explained that preponderance of the evidence is the normal burden of proof applied when it comes to admissibility of evidence, and there was no reason to depart from that for inevitable discovery. In dissent, Justice Brennan...

    Relevance of good/bad faith

    The Court also took Nix as an opportunity to resolve a point of contention with regard to the relevance of bad faithto applicability of the inevitable discovery doctrine. In the lower court proceedings in Nix, the Eighth Circuit had adopted a version of the rule that would require the state to not only show that the evidence would inevitably have been discovered, but also that the police did not act in bad faith, i.e., with the intention of committing misconduct. It reasoned that without an a...

    Applicability to primary vs. derivative evidence

    Nix itself concerned the admissibility of "derivative evidence," or evidence that was not the direct result of an illegal act, but that was the product of a chain of events beginning with the illegal act—also known as "fruit of the poisonous tree." Evidence that was directly obtained via the illegal act is referred to as "primary evidence." The Court in Nix did not make explicit whether the inevitable discovery doctrine applied to just derivative evidence or primary evidence as well, and in t...

    In Nix, the Court adopted not only the inevitable discovery doctrine, but also the closely related independent source doctrine. That doctrine provides that evidence obtained through illegal means may still be admissible if it was also obtained through independent, legal means. The difference between independent source and inevitable discovery is that the former focuses on what actually happened, while the latter focuses on a hypothetical counterfactual. Under the independent source rule, police did in fact "rel[y] upon an untainted source" (in addition to the tainted one), while under the inevitable discovery doctrine, the theory is that police would inevitably have been able to find an untainted source. An illustration of the difference between the two is captured in the case Somer v. United States. There, federal agents conducted an illegal search of the defendant's apartment in violation of the Fourth Amendmentand learned from his wife that he was out but would be back shortly. A...

    In addition to federal courts, every state other than Texas and Washington recognizes some version of the inevitable discovery doctrine. But the states vary in how closely they follow the federal standard set out in Nixand the specific requirements they impose for application of the doctrine. For example, Alaska has required that the prosecution be able "to prove exactly how" the evidence would have been discovered, and that the defendant would have been asked the exact same questions and would have given the exact same answers. And Arizonahas held that the inevitable discovery doctrine cannot be applied to the illegal search and seizure of items from a private home. Some states have declined to follow the Supreme Court's prescription in Nix that good faith is not a prerequisite to applicability of the doctrine. Others have held that the inevitable discovery exception onlyapplies to derivative evidence and cannot be used to bring in primary evidence obtained illegally. Most states h...

    Various scholars and practitioners have criticized the inevitable discovery doctrine and its sister exceptions as undermining the constitutional protections embodied by the exclusionary rule. Many have argued that, despite the Court's assurances to the contrary in Nix, the inevitable discovery rule not only permits, but encourages, law enforcement to engage in misconduct by, for example, creating an easy "I could have gotten a warrant" excuse for a warrantless search. Professor Robert Bloom critiques the Nix Court as having improperly minimized the "negative effect that the inevitable discovery exception would have on the deterrence rationale of the exclusionary rule"; he posited that the Supreme Court neglected the immense incentives the exception would create to conduct unconstitutional searches and seizures in the Fourth Amendment context because Nixitself is a Sixth Amendment case. These scholars have especially emphasized how the expansion of the inevitable discovery doctrine t...

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