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  1. The most obvious advantage is that accommodation costs are much lower (at most networks for free) than at hotels or even youth hostels. More important, though, is the opportunity to make a personal connection with someone from a different culture and social classes, you see the destination you're visiting from a local perspective.

  2. "CheapStat is a portable, do-it-yourself and easy-to-use potentiostat which can be made for under $80 using open source hardware and software. While CheapStat does not have many of the features of commercial potentiostats, these features are often unnecessary for application of the instrument to environmental and public health issues.

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  4. Description. A concept of Immanuel Kant, explained by Keith Hart: "Shortly before, Kant wrote Perpetual peace: a philosophical sketch. The last quarter of the 18th century saw its own share of ‘globalisation’ – the American and French revolutions, the rise of British industry and the international movement to abolish slavery.

  5. 'The Hotel Pasteur is an historical university building located in the center of the city of Rennes, France. The building was the headquarter of the faculty of science and, then, of the one of dental medicine. When both faculties moved to the new University campus, the building remained abandoned.

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    "How it Works: Instead of searching for a room in a hotel, travelers can book an extra room in a house or a vacant home for their trip directly from property owners. How it Makes Money: Airbnb collects a 3 percent fee on each reservation and a 6 to 12 percent booking fee."(

    "after receiving funding as well as mentoring from incubator Y Combinator in 2009, the startup exploded. Airbnb -- the name was originally Airbed and Breakfast in a reference to the use of airbeds for guests -- has listings in 16,000 cities around the world and has booked more than two million nights."(

    Robin Chase: "Robin did some research into the largest bed sharing companies in the world and realized that the industry is being dramatically disrupted. While InterContinental Hotels Group, the largest hotel chain in the world, has built 645.000 hotel rooms in 65 years, Airbnb managed to offer the same amount of rooms in its fourth year."(http://b...

    Jared A. Brock AirBNB has a huge negative impact on affordable housing availability in the cities in which they are present. From an open letter to AirBNB management , a set of policy proposals:

    Business Model Issues

    Tom Slee: " while it is true that a large number of hosts rent the homes they live in, hosts with multiple listings make up almost half of Airbnb’s business. Also that, while Airbnb makes great play of its origins in renting out an airbed, such rentals are now a negligible portion of its business. Even “spare rooms” are a minority of the business: the majority of Airbnb’s business in New York comes from the rental of entire homes. The data showed a company that was closer to orthodox models s...

    Funding Issues

    "the financial community is recognizing the power of collaborative consumption. Airbnb, after struggling to raise early seed capital, announced in June that it had raised $112 million from three venture capital firms, a deal which valued the company at more than $1 billion. And in early 2011, angel investor and entrepreneur Craig Shapiro started the Collaborative Fund, an investment vehicle for funding startups tapping into the collaborative consumption trend. "New technologies -- from advanc...

    Security Issues

    "Airbnb recently received negative press when a few consumers went public with stories of their homes being robbed or damaged by renters found through the site. Airbnb responded with a new policy where it will cover loss or damage from guests up to $50,000. In an apology note posted to the company's blog on August 1, CEO Chesky also announced plans to start a 24-hour customer hotline to provide safety tips for guests and hosts and to let hosts set parameters for bookings that include verified...

  6. Launched in 2004, 173 trade exchanges have listed over 800 hotels and resorts globally. Their clients can travel the world and pay for it with accepted complementary currencies through this innovative exchange. WTEx will be utilizing the same cutting edge trade software as Current Innovations, providing inter-exchange opportunities in the future."

  7. 1. Small, inexpensive means of remotely and uniquely identifying objects over short ranges; in other words, radio-frequency identification. 2. A mechanism to precisely locate something on Earth, such as a global-positioning system. 3. A way to mine large amounts of data for things that match some given criteria, like internet search engines. 4.

  1. Cheap Hotel 相關

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