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  1. r/spotify - Contemporary Rap

    Made this playlist recently with some contemporary rap songs I really like. Updating it every few days. Enjoy! I’ve tried to open both spotify apps (spotify & spotify for artists) and they are only open for 1 second before they can even load ...

  2. G Lett - Monopoly [Contemporary R&B] : Music

    24.7m members in the Music community. The musical community of reddit I've taken the liberty of compiling all the album links for easy reference as searching for just The Seatbelts or Cowboy Bebop doesn't grab everything.

  3. Contemporary Classical Music - reddit

    r/contemporaryclassical: A place for Redditors to share and discuss newer classical music. Please check the Rules! Here our aim is to present and … Hello! I’m not sure if you’ve heard already, but Pass the Word Radio is a project about new / con ...

  4. D Fine Us - The Fox ft. Noga Erez & Big T [Contemporary R&B / Neo-Blues] : shareyourmusic

    Please, make a 'r/shareyourmusic' playlist on Spotify and make it collaborative, so people can add their music, I think this would be pretty cool! Btw, if anyone know some playlists with new/'smaller' artists, let me know in the ...

  5. D Fine Us - The Fox ft. Noga Erez & Big T (Contemporary R&B / Neo-Blues) (2020) : indiemusic

    r/indiemusic Indie music public subreddit that allows anyone to post their band, music, live show, videos, streaming and more to get some exposure. This subreddit is setup as an old school subreddit that is mostly driven from the users ...

  6. r/askphilosophy - Contemporary books on Kantianism?

    I wanted to ask r/communism101, but I had been previously insta-banned, so I messaged the mods instead. They informed me that I had a "fundamentally mistaken approach towards knowledge" for trying to do an exegesis on Lenin and Engels, ...

  7. For any and all discussion, music, news about R&B, soul, funk, etc. music from any time frame! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Log in sign up User account menu 2 [ORIGINAL] [FRESH ...

  8. r/columbia - Contemporary Civilization (Part I)

    r/columbia: The unofficial subreddit of Columbia University and the Morningside Heights community in New York, NY. I was going to comment, but you removed your post and I don’t remember your handle! Anyway. Congratulations, congratulations, ...

  9. Contemporary Art Criticism - reddit

    Just because you graduated doesn't mean you still can't benefit from criticism of your work and how it fits into a contemporary art context. Anyone is welcome to post but please no deviant art, fan art, or the like. Go to /r/learnart or ...

  10. r/askphilosophy - What are the major questions in contemporary philosophy of language?

    Welcome to r/askphilosophy. Please read our rules before commenting and understand that your comments will be removed if they are not up to standard or otherwise break the rules. While we do not require citations in answers (but do encourage ...

  1. Contemporary R 相關