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  1. "Facebook aims to have 1 billion users and is somewhere near 500 million right now. Thats alot of people effectively working for free, creating wealth for the shareholders of facebook. User solidarity is a powerful tool which can be used to protect our interests now and in the future as we continue to enjoy the benefits of social networking.

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  3. Facebook is no help there,” the hacker wrote to us. “Facebook is only interested in encouraging people to share their personal data — sometimes with each other, but always with advertisers and Big Brother. Facebook collects lots more personal information

  4. First, an artificial-intelligence facilitated conversation tool called is distributed through Facebook ads and stakeholder networks; Then a public meeting is broadcast where scholars and officials respond to issues that emerged in the conversation;

  5. 2016年11月1日 · "Using dataplugs, pull your own data from Facebook, Google, Apple into your HAT. As more dataplugs become available, you can also claim your data from other organisations like broadband providers, healthcare providers, supermarkets, wearables and IoT

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  7. 2020年10月1日 · Description. Jess Scully: "Taiwan’s civic hackers were organized around a leaderless collective called g0v (pronounced “gov zero.”) Many believed in radical transparency, in throwing opaque processes open to the light, and in the idea that everyone who is affected by a decision should have a say in it.

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