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  1. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, there are still about $240 million in circulation today as worn notes were replaced by the Fed until 1971. They were identical in purchasing power once in circulation and were distinguishable only in that the serial numbers were in red.

  2. 2019年7月12日 · Meanwhile, because it is under no profit-maximizing imperative, the Fed will have no incentive to sell consumer spending data as banks have. And the privacy protections that blockchain technology offers—the one salutary phenomenon connoted by crypto—will extend to all Citizen Accounts.

  3. Identity federation comes in many flavors, including "user-controlled" or "user-centric" scenarios, as well as enterprise controlled or B2B scenarios. Federation is enabled through the use of open industry standards and/or openly published specifications, such that multiple parties can achieve interoperability for common use cases.

  4. = The Federation: "Assembly of everything federated, decentralized and social. Diaspora, Friendica, Red, GNU Social, Twister, and all other wonderful decentralized ...

  5. Increase federal funding to land-grant universities to localize sustainable agriculture production methods and to U.S. Department of Agriculture agricultural extension programs to educate growers about sustainable farming practices tailored to their growing region.

  6. Federation helps resolve the tension between running my own wiki and contributing to a group production. It further resolves similar questions about throwing everything into one wiki or making special-purpose wikis around particular topics." ( ...

  7. Knowledge federation is both a social organization of knowledge production, and an organization of knowledge resources. Domain Map Object We make initial progress towards a knowledge federation system design by identifying its three large building blocks.

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