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  1. Forever Road 曾軼可 相關
  1. friDay音樂 2018日語年度金榜 - friDay音樂(原Omusic)

    2018來點不一樣的,年度金榜不再以整年累積點聽數作為唯一上榜標準 而是以自歌曲上架後至2018年結束前的平均點聽次數為準 讓我們來看看今年有哪些日語作品備受樂迷期待,讓歌曲一上架後就大受歡迎、不斷的被反覆輪播吧 ...

  2. Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours - friDay音樂(原Omusic)

    Do you miss the road that you grew up on? Did you get your middle name from your grandma? When you think about your forever now, do you think of me? When you close your eyes, tell me, what are you dreamin'? Everything, I wanna know it all ...

  3. Know we loved to hit the road and laugh But something told me that it wouldn't last Had to switch up look at things different see the bigger picture Those were the days hard work forever pays now I see you in a better place How could we not ...

  4. 搜尋結果 - friDay音樂(原Omusic)

    相信音樂能為你帶來生活的魔法,搶先聽熱門新歌,friDay音樂提供完整、便利的線上音樂服務! BANG BANG BANG - OP: BIGBANG KPOP韓國超人氣舞曲下載冠軍

  5. Blur - Blue Jeans - friDay音樂(原Omusic)

    Blue Jeans Air cushioned soles i bought them in the Portabello road on a saturday i stop and stare a while a common pastime when conversation goes astray and don't think i'm walking out on this coz she don't mind whatever i say ...

  6. SF9 - SF9第4張迷你專輯 [MAMMA MIA!] - friDay音樂(原Omusic)

    Forever Young 버베인 (Vervain... 曲序 歌曲 歌手 MAMMA MIA SF9 2 Never Say Goodbye SF9 時光倒流 (Go back in Time) SF9 4 Be my Baby SF9 Midnight Road SF9 6 Dear Fantasy SF9

  7. See You Again (feat. CP查理 Charlie Puth) 當我們再相見【玩命關頭7電影原聲帶】 It's been a long day without you my friend And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again We've come a long way from where we began Oh I'll tell ...

  1. Forever Road 曾軼可 相關