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    The capital letter L is used as the currency sign for the Albanian lek and the Honduran lempira. It was often used, especially in handwriting, as the currency sign for the Italian lira. It is also infrequently used as a substitute for the pound sign (£), which is based on it. The Roman numeral L represents the number 50.

  2. L'OCCITANE希望將日本茶道的恬靜與沉穩帶進生活中,便以此為靈感,將綠茶揉合身體保養,不僅讓肌膚保濕柔潤,更在舒緩清新的香氣中慢下腳步,找回心中的平靜與和諧。. 2020年限量上市時,療癒柔和的香氣即廣受好評,如今復刻再現,帶來最精緻放鬆的護膚 ...

  3. L·Lawliet,中文音译是艾尔·罗莱特,是日本漫画《死亡笔记》中登场的主要角色,外号是L,也就是第一代L。华米兹之家出身,是当时世界第一侦探,且世界三大名侦探L、艾尔德·柯尔、德纳夫其实都是他本人。他为调查基拉事件也曾用龙崎和流河旱树作为自己的假名。

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  5. The Letter L Song by Have Fun Teaching is a great way to learn all about the Letter L. Free Teaching Resources: Us...

  6. Define l. l synonyms, l pronunciation, l translation, English dictionary definition of l. also l The symbol for the Roman numeral 50. abbr. 1. lambert 2. large 3. left 4. or l liter 5. Sports loss 6. low or L n. pl. l's or L's also ls or Ls 1.... L - definition of l by The Free ...


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