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    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (often abridged as Last Week Tonight) is an American late-night talk and news satire television program hosted by comedian John Oliver. [4] The half-hour-long show premiered in April 2014 on HBO. [5] Last Week ...

    • April 27, 2014 –, present
    • HBO
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    2021/6/7 · 來自@LastWeekTonight的最新推文

  3. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: With John Oliver, David Kaye, Ryan Barger, Noel MacNeal. Former Daily Show host and correspondent John Oliver brings his persona to this

    • (83.2K)
    • John Oliver, David Kaye, Ryan Barger
    • TV-MA
    • 59 秒
  4. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 1 Seasons | 30 Episodes | TV-MA WATCH NOW One of the funniest, most refreshing personalities to hit the TV scene in years, John Oliver comes to HBO in this series that takes a topical look at the week in news, ...

    • 7 分鐘
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  6. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - 首頁 | Facebook › LastWeekTonight

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. 11月15日上午11:49 ·. Thank you to George Clooney for joining us in last night’s season finale! We would thank all the other amazing celebrities who showed up, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise, so here’s ...

    • 2.6M
  7. 2021/10/25 · 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' discusses Taiwan's political complexities TV host highlights China’s increased military provocations, adds Taiwanese have right to decide own future John Oliver discusses Taiwan's political ...

    • Kelvin Chen
  8. 2021/11/15 · John Oliver discusses the mechanics of union busting, why the companies who do it face so few consequences, and what it really means when your manager wants ...

    • 24 分鐘
    • 3.7M
    • LastWeekTonight
  9. John Oliver discusses the end of America’s war with Afghanistan, and the humanitarian crisis being left behind.Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subsc...

    • 24 分鐘
    • 4.3M
    • LastWeekTonight
  10. 如何评价 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? - 知乎 › question › 28345487

    2015/2/24 · Why 'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver' Was 2014's Best Show 关于利用网络和影响力: Last Week Tonight是HBO唯一的可以在YouTube上基本看完整的节目。 而包括Web exclusive,还有放出那个狗狗高院的素材让网友自由发挥,这都是别的节目没做的。 ...

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