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  1. Flex NBA is the very first Battle Tile and Augmented Reality (AR) board game that fuses professional sports with the latest in augmented reality technology. Created in partnership with the NBA and NBPA, FLEX NBA lets fans play as their favorite NBA players, using their FLEX 'superpowers' to take down opponents!

  2. This is a game of sorting lists. On their turn a player or team is given a category (NBA basketballers, big cats, African countries, Tom Cruise movies etc) and five items within that category. They must then rank the 5 items in correct order (tallest to shortest, heaviest to lightest, highest to lowest populations, earliest to latest release etc). The more items a team ranks correctly, the ...

  3. A perennial NBA simulation with detailed player cards and results deck.

  4. Below is my Top 10 list of basketball games. These are games that meet all of the following criteria: (1) basketball games (college or pro); (2) focusing on "simulation" of the sport (not too abstract); and (3) fun to play. This is a list of the BEST! As always, your

  5. Hoops is a card and dice possession-by-possession replay basketball game using actual professional player statistical data as its basis. You’ll find just about anything you see in an NBA game occur on your tabletop…clutch players making great plays in the final seconds, big men disrupting shots, lockdown defenders creating havoc on the defensive end, and great athletes generating ...

  6. The pro basketball (NBA) game of the Strat-o-Matic series, best known for its baseball game. Players are represented by statistics on cards. Cards are available by year, sold separately, so you can play with teams of yesteryear. The game takes place on a board vaguely resembling a basketball court. Actions are determined by plays from cards. Success or failure is determined by die rolls.

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