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  1. Ssl 憑證 相關
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      • 什麼是 SSL 憑證SSL 憑證 (安全通訊端階層) 是數位證書,用來驗證網站的身分並使用 SSL 技術將資料加密,然後傳送到伺服器。 加密是將雜亂無章的資料編寫為無法解譯之格式的一種程序,加密的資料可以透過適當的解密金鑰回傳為可以讀取的格式。
  1. 傳輸層安全性協定 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书傳輸層安全性協定

    2021/4/2 · 傳輸層安全性協定 (英語: Transport Layer Security ,縮寫: TLS )及其前身 安全套接层 (英語: Secure Sockets Layer ,縮寫: SSL )是一种 安全协议 ,目的是為 網際網路 通信提供安全及数据 完整性 保障。. 網景 公司( Netscape )在1994年推出首版 網頁 ...

  2. 2021/3/31 · Subject Alternative Name certificates (commonly known as SAN SSL/TLS, Exchange Server Certificates, Unified Communications Certificates or UCC SSL) are SSL/TLS certificates that can secure multiple domains (including wildcard domains) in a ...

  3. The 15 Best SSL Certificate Authorities & SSL Deals in 2021

    2021/3/17 · The OV SSL certificate price is $157.49/year if you want to secure up to five domains. If you want to secure up to ten, it goes up to $494.10/year. The price per domain falls as you go to higher price tiers. You’re essentially getting the best ...

  4. Transport Layer Security - Wikipedia

    2 天前 · SSL 2.0 assumed a single service and a fixed domain certificate, which clashed with the standard feature of virtual hosting in Web servers. This means that most websites were practically impaired from using SSL. SSL 2.0 was disabled by default, ...

  5. Top 10 Best Web Hosts With A Free SSL Certificate (Stop Paying For SSL)

    2021/3/18 · Having an SSL certificate installed on your website’s server displays a padlock in browsers and allows you to use HTTPS: HTTPS not only makes your website secure but also makes it look more legitimate to your visitors and customers.

  6. 根证书 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书根证书

    2021/3/26 · 在 密码学 和 计算机安全 领域, 根证书 ( root certificate )是屬於根 证书颁发机构 (CA)的 公钥证书 ,是在 公開金鑰基礎建設 中, 信任鏈 的 起點 (英语:Trust anchor) 。. 证书颁发机构的角色有如现实世界中的 公證行 ,保證網路世界中電子證書持有人的 ...

  7. 多年期 SSL 证书与自动审核更新说明 腾讯云 SSL 证书控制台更新说明 腾讯云即日起支持 DNSPod 品牌国密标准(SM2)SSL 证书购买通知 关于 CA 机构于2020年9月1日起停止签发为期两年 SSL 证书的通知 关于 Symantec SSL 证书品牌名于2020年4月30日

  8. Why do we need an SSL/TLS certificate for a mobile application? - Ryadel

    5 天前 · An SSL certificate is the key to your digital shop shutter, and it does not cost you much to buy it. Authentic websites such as SSL2BUY, Namecheap, GoDaddy provides the cheap SSL certificates for different domains. Their certificates are unbreac ...

  9. SSL Certificate Maintenance - General Overview – Nerdio Help Center

    2021/3/22 · On March 20 th, 2021, the SSL wildcard certificate for * will be expiring. This SSL certificate is used by all Nerdio for Azure and Nerdio Private Cloud accounts. Nerdio automation will manage the changes required to update the ...

  10. Configuring SSH and SSL | PyCharm

    2021/4/6 · ... | Database ), click the Data Source Properties icon . Select a data source profile where you want to change connection settings. Click the SSH/SSL tab and select the Use SSL checkbox. In the CA file field, navigate to the CA certificate fil ...

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