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    KK [ˋtaɪnɪ]

    a. 形容詞

    • 1. 極小的;微小的 Fleas are tiny insects. 跳蚤是很小的昆蟲。

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  2. My Tiny Life went on to narrate the aftermath of the incident: how the virtual crime was sanctioned by a virtual punishment, the banishment of the offender from LambdaMOO; and further, how the whole order of things on the MOO was turned upside down, and 2.

  3. Companies renting and selling these as storage units have started offering odd-sized units beyond the standard 8x20 and 8x40 sizes. You can now get 10x18, 10x20, and 10x25 'extra wide' containers designed to allow two parallel rows of shipping pallets to be placed in them with a walkway through the middle.

  4. Back in the seventies, these open spaces were imagined as tiny worlds to escape from capitalism or authoritarian regimes. The idea was much more based on micro-political tactics than on hippie’s spirit: Instead of trying to transfer the old world into a new one people started to build up tiny new worlds with the old world. They made up open ...

  5. If tiny flips in an organism’s genetic code frequently resulted in huge, unpredictable physical changes, evolution would cease. Instead there is an essential smoothness in the way organisms are related to their genes: A small change in DNA yields a small change in a creature—not always, but often enough that gradual evolution is possible."

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    In physics and mathematics, scale invariance is a feature of objects or laws that do not change if length or some other dimensional attribute are increased or decreased by a common factor. The technical term for this transformation is a dilatation (also known as dilation), and the dilatations can also form part of a larger conformalsymmetry.

    1. "Essentially, scale invariance means that across all scaling factors (large, medium, small, tiny, etc.), the properties that define the whole are conserved (intelligence, mobility, form, productivity, etc.). Scale invariance is a requirement for societal resilience." 1. "Here's why. Our global system is composed of intermeshed and tightly coupled networks. These interlinked networks enable our system to be efficient and relatively robust against random shocks. However, large shocks can ove...

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    1. Self-Similar Wikipedia Entry for "Self-Similar" 2. Wikipedia Entry for "Scale Invariance" 3.

  6. The first is that, in any given age, P2P production of physical objects is only possible and economically meaningful where the complexity of those objects and of all the tools needed to build them from raw materials is NOT so high as is the case of microelectronics today. Using in a P2P way sophisticated integrated circuits, instead, to build ...

  7. The goal here is to provide a comprehensive set of resources for planning and developing a tiny house village—from concept to reality—and to emphasize a collaborative process that brings a diverse range of stakeholders to the table. It's intended to be a living

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