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  2. 全球知名運動品牌愛迪達,專業運動及潮流穿搭一次滿足,立即瀏覽最新商品及限時優惠! 無論是跑步、健身或球類運動,因應你的各種需求,提供多款機能性運動鞋,官網立即探索!

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  3. 只推薦CP值爆高好物!今天結帳獨家下殺,登記送mo幣,刷卡再享回饋,想買就快衝! 有夠好買!超夯美妝保養、流行服飾精品、3C家電、日用美食、旅遊票券線上搶便宜。

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    指定銀行滿額再享10%回饋,最高5000刷卡金,登記再送阿虎限量購物袋,趕快買來! 618暖慶開跑!單日滿3000送300購物金,每日最高可拿900,天天買天天賺,回饋拿不完!


  1. Data pack 3.0 for eFootball PES 2021 Season Update has arrived, bringing with it a host of new player faces, kits, and more. To start off, there are 85 new and updated player faces included in the ...

  2. Don’t panic: all those dead Fall Guys are just a little joke. Sep 16, 2020. Fall Guys is a party royale game where you and your fellow contestants compete through escalating rounds of absurd ...

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    • Beautiful Broken Cove Seed
    • Swamp Village Seed
    • Skull Island Seed
    • Easy Nether Seed
    • Shipwreck Survival Seed
    • 1 Trial Chamber Seed
    • Spawn Trail Ruins Seed
    • Savanna Village Seed
    • Minecraft Seed For Building
    • Eight Ancient Cities

    Broken cove seed: 11297487 Important coordinates: 1. Cove: 83, 23 2. Ruined portal: 68, 138 3. Village: 224, 576 In perhaps the most beautiful landscape we’ve seen in Minecraft in our ten-plus years of playing, this majestic broken cove features floating pieces of land, multiple waterfalls, and even a ruined portal floating in the center of the wat...

    Swamp village seed: -2295595817529477063 Important coordinates: 1. Swamp village: 704, 672 This is a really good one. In case you’re unaware, swamp and jungle villages don’t spawn naturally in Minecraft, but they do have their own unique villager trades. This might seem unfair, but these villagers can be forced to spawn as long as they are ‘born’ i...

    Skull island seed: 1669984371247603308 Important coordinates: 1. Village: -160, -144 This incredibly cool find was discovered by DPS3 on reddit, and features a large island that looks like a skull – even with a cute little opening for a nose. What makes this even better is that the skull island houses a gorgeous Minecraft lush cave, which looks bea...

    Nether seed – 4517475607999363428 Important coordinates: 1. Fortress: 13, 27 2. Bastion: 25, -119 OK, don’t take us too seriously when we say “easy”, nothing in the Nether is ever easy, but this seed certainly sets you up for success. When launching into this world, found by PainterAccording on reddit, you spawn on a small island, which itself is h...

    Shipwreck seed: -8065848147699287859 Important coordinates: 1. Spawn: 64, -544 While finding shipwrecks is one of the best ways of gathering valuable resources early on, there’s still a significant challenge involved in being stranded on a shipwreck in completely open ocean – and that’s exactly what this seed offers. Thanks to Jmims1983 on reddit f...

    Trial Chamber seed: 393235010621814182 Version: 1.21 snapshot Important coordinates: 1. Village: 176, 64 2. Trial Chamber: 16, 160 First off, this seed only generates Trial Chambers if you use it in a 1.21 snapshot and turn experimental features on. If you need help with this, take a look at our guide to playing on Minecraft snapshots. Now you can ...

    Spawn Trail Ruins Seed: -78281593317120339 Important coordinates: 1. Trail Ruins: -152, 72 2. Village: -272, 272 Trail Ruins are all that is left of ancient Minecraft civilizations and villages from a time long since forgotten. Added in the 1.20 Trails and Tales update, these oft-buried structures are home to plenty of valuable loot and even Minecr...

    Savanna village seed: -2078000429 Important coordinates: 1. Village: 80, 50 If the Savanna is your favorite biome, then look no further than this great village seed, which spawns you right next to a large savanna village, floating in a river valley between grand savanna cliffs. This is a great survival seed, not just because of the materials you ca...

    Minecraft seed for building: -3899835130120818196 Important coordinates: 1. Village: -144, -144 For a seed that offers building locations and survivability right at spawn, we’ve got you covered. This perfect seed spawns you right near a plains village, where you can pick up plenty of materials to get you started. However, the real draw of this seed...

    Eight Ancient Cities seed: -3227758055243832981 Important coordinates: 1. 1: x = -2,520, y = -616 2. 2: x = -1,848, y = -600 3. 3: x = -2,088, y = -184 4. 4: x = -2,264, y = 104 5. 5: x = -2,440, y = 40 6. 6: x = -1,864, y = 408 7. 7: x = -2,296, y = -488 8. 8: x = -2,440, y = 424 No, we’re not joking. We were actually hunting for a Trail Ruin seed...

  3. 2024年5月27日 · Here are the best soccer games in 2024: Football Drama. Rocket League. Kopanito All Stars Soccer. Football, Tactics & Glory. Behold the Kickmen. Totoball. Super Arcade Football. Pixel Cup Soccer.

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  4. 2022年5月23日 · Published: May 23, 2022. V Rising. A V Rising armour leak has revealed a new set coming to the survival game which allows players to turn their character into a sparkly teen vampire from the ...

  5. 2023年9月14日 · While Chun Li and Ryu are the standouts in this range, Street Fighter 6 newcomer Luke also has his own MasterLiquid 360L Core AIO cooler, and matching gaming chair. Even electric goblin Blanka ...

  6. 2024年6月6日 · The best Roblox music codes are: AC/DC – Highway to Hell – 4728058875. A-ha – Take On Me – 4606705490. Ariana Grande – God Is a Woman – 2071829884. Amaarae – SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY ...