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  1. 奧斯汀·詹姆士·瑞佛斯(英語: Austin James Rivers,1992年8月1日 — ),為美國 NBA聯盟的職業籃球運動員,現效力NBA球隊明尼蘇達灰狼。 他在2012年的 NBA選秀 中第1輪第10順位被 紐澳良黃蜂 選中。

  2. 奧斯汀·詹姆斯·里弗斯(英語: Austin James Rivers,1992年8月1日 — ),為美國 NBA聯盟的職業籃球運動員,現效力NBA球隊明尼蘇達灰狼。他在2012年的NBA選秀中第1輪第10順位被紐澳良黃蜂選中。奧斯汀·里弗斯是前任費城76人總教練道格·里弗斯 [編輯]

  3. 奧斯汀·占士·李華士(英語: Austin James Rivers,1992年8月1日 — ),為美國 NBA聯盟的職業籃球運動員,現效力NBA球隊明尼蘇達木狼。 他在2012年的 NBA選秀 中第1輪第10順位被 新奧爾良黃蜂 選中。

  4. 奥斯汀·詹姆斯·里弗斯(英語:Austin James Rivers,1992年8月1日—),为美国NBA联盟的职业篮球运动员,現效力NBA球隊明尼蘇達灰狼。他在2012年的NBA选秀中第1轮第10顺位被紐澳良黃蜂选中。奥斯汀·里弗斯是前任費城76人總教練道格·里弗斯的儿子。

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    In 2010, Rivers led Winter Park High School to the school's first state title in a 76–57 win against Dr. Phillips High School in the 6A state championship. Rivers scored 23 points in the game. In June 2010, Rivers was a part of the gold medal winning team at the FIBA Americas U18 Championship where he set a Team USA record for an U18 event with 35 ...

    As a freshman, Rivers played in Duke's exhibition games in China and Dubai during an international tour in August 2011. In the first game against the China men's national basketball team, Rivers scored 18 points on 8–19 shooting and led Duke to a 77–64 victory. In the second game (also against the Chinese national team), Rivers scored 12 points in ...

    New Orleans Hornets / Pelicans

    Rivers was selected by the New Orleans Hornets with the 10th overall pick the 2012 NBA draft. Rivers chose to wear the #25 jersey, the same number his father wore when he was in the NBA. The night before Rivers said, "I want to be like my dad, only better." Joining him as a rookie on the Hornets was Anthony Davis, the first overall pick of the draft. On July 24, 2012, Rivers signed his rookie scale contract with the Hornets.Three days later, Rivers underwent successful surgery to clean up bon...

    Los Angeles Clippers

    On January 12, 2015, Rivers was traded to the Boston Celtics in a three-team trade involving the Pelicans and the Memphis Grizzlies. Three days later, he joined his father on the Los Angeles Clippers after he was traded in a three-team trade involving the Celtics and the Phoenix Suns. On January 16, Rivers made his debut for the Clippers and became the first son to play for his father in an NBA game. On February 21, Rivers scored a then-career-high 28 points in a 129–98 win over the Sacrament...

    Washington Wizards

    On June 26, 2018, Rivers was traded to the Washington Wizards in exchange for Marcin Gortat. On December 17, 2018, Rivers was traded with Kelly Oubre Jr. to the Phoenix Suns for Trevor Ariza.Rivers was waived by the Suns the following day.

    Rivers was born in Santa Monica, California, the son of former Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers and Kristen Rivers (née Campion). Doc Rivers was a former player who had joined the Los Angeles Clippers the summer of his son's birth. His older brother, Jeremiah, played basketball for Georgetown and Indiana and later joined the Maine Red Claws...

    Career statistics and player information from and
    • 2012–present
    • 2012: 1st round, 10th overall pick
    • Duke (2011–2012)
  5. 奧斯汀·泰勒·里夫斯 (英語: Austin Tyler Reaves ,1998年5月29日 — ),出生於 阿肯色州 紐華克 , 美國 男子職業 籃球 運動員,現效力於 NBA 聯盟 洛杉磯湖人 ,場上位置為 得分後衛 。 職業生涯 [ 編輯] 洛杉磯湖人(2021–2023) [ 編輯] 在 2021年NBA選秀 中落選後,里夫斯於2021年8月3日與洛杉磯湖人簽了一份雙向合約 [1] 。 9月27日,跟湖人簽下了一份為期兩年的正式合約 [2] 。 10月22日,里夫斯完成NBA首秀,在105比115輸給 鳳凰城太陽 的比賽中替補出場12分鐘得到8分 [3] 。

  6. 奧斯汀·詹姆斯·里弗斯(英語:Austin James Rivers,1992年8月1日—),為美國NBA聯盟的職業籃球運動員,現效力NBA球隊明尼蘇達灰狼。他在2012年的NBA選秀中第1輪第10順位被紐澳良黃蜂選中。奧斯汀·里弗斯是前任費城76人總教練道格·里弗斯的兒子。

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