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    What is Instagram downloader and how to use it?

    How to download Instagram videos for free?

    What is Igram Instagram downloader?

    How to download photos from Instagram posts?

  2. 2022/8/9 · All you need is to click Download button and the extension will do the rest. Install our Downloader for Instagram and enjoy it's advanced features like: - Downloading any Photo or Video from...

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  3. It's a great tool for Instagram lovers who wants to stay in touch with friends as well as review the news feed like in mobile app. Easily save favourite video or image as well as stories from the...

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  4. 2022/10/12 · Step1 在進入Downloader for Instagram的外掛頁面後,點一下 加入Chome 鈕,再點 新增擴充功 能鈕。 Step2 當安裝完畢後,在網址列後方,就會看到Downloader for Instagram的下載圖示。 Step3 接著重新整理IG頁面,這時在影片的左上角,就會看到一個下載圖示。 Step4 點一下隨即就會下載,當下載完畢後,影片格式為MP4,相當的簡單且方便,因此下回有需要下載IG影片的朋友,這款外掛也趕快手刀下載囉!

  5. Open Instagram application or website, copy the URL of the photo, video, reels, carousel or IGTV. Paste the link Go back to iGram, paste the link into the field and click the Download button Download Quickly you will get the results with several quality options, download what fits your needs. iGram features Photos Downloader

  6. It is easy. It will take just 3 steps to save any video you want to any of your devices. Open a video on Instagram and copy its link. Paste the link to the input line on the Instagram video downloader page and click Download. Click Download once again to confirm the action. The download will start immediately.

  7. Choose the post (video, story, photo, … etc.) you want to download, and from the top click on (⋯) if you are using Instagram for iPhone, and click on (⋮) if you are using the application for Android, then click on “Copy Link”. Copy the image link Open the free Instagram Downloader website, then paste the link in the box, and click on view.

  8. 2021/1/21 · 首先到 Chrome 瀏覽器中將 Instagram Downloader 加到 Chrome 中,加入成功後,Instagram Downloader 工具圖示就會出現在瀏覽器右上角,之後只要下載 IG 網頁版圖片就點擊按鈕即可。 接著我們就開起 Instagram 網頁版,你可以看到每則貼文右下方出現了「下載」按鈕,直接點擊就能儲存圖片和影片。 當你在瀏覽別人個人頁面時,只要將滑鼠停留在圖片或影片上方,也會出現「下載」按鈕的圖示,一樣點擊就能儲存圖片和影片 就連限時動態的影片也有下載按鈕喔! 若你想一次打包所有好笑的梗圖或影片的話,可在個人頁面的右上方點選「Download All」便可進行一次打包。

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