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  1. Tokyo Women’s Medical University has developed from Tokyo Women’s Medical School and has produced many female physicians who have contributed to our society. Tokyo Women’s Medical University School of Medicine was established in 1950. Tokyo Women’s Medical College was established in 1952.Then, in 1998, the School of Nursing was added.

  2. The specialized nursing fields in the TWMU Master’s Programs include Critical Care Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Child Health Nursing, and End-of-life Care. -List of majors

  3. 治験薬のマスター作成 治験薬の搬入・回収に関する対応 治験薬の数量及び品質の管理 被験者への治験薬の交付 被験者からの治験薬の返却 原資料の直接閲覧(SDV)及び監査への対応 臨床試験に使用する試験薬の相談・管理

    • Institute For Comprehensive Medical Sciences
    • Institute of Laboratory Animals
    • Cancer Center
    • Clinical and Academic Research Promotion Center

    Medical Research involves a variety of methods, including analyses of molecular functions by in vitroenzymatic reactions, observation of morphological features by microscopy, description of phenotypes as whole organisms, thus, is very difficult to be shown in simple words. It also requires computer analyses of obtained data and find out the rules b...

    Experiments using animals are crucial for medical/life-science researches. The Institute of Laboratory Animals has been established to realize the central management and smooth implementation of animal experiments at TWMU. In 2018, equipment for developmental engineering was installed, and the Institute started creation of genetically modified anim...

    Tokyo Women’ s Medical University Cancer Center is a cross-sectional organization composed of the hospital department providing advanced medical care for cancers and the research department promoting advanced cancer researches. The hospital department is composed of 6 units, and top leaders in respective fields would concentrate all their efforts o...

    The Clinical and Academic Research Promotion center (CARP) was been established in 2020 to integrate and manage clinical and basic research activities at TWMU and to promote researches. For the purpose of promoting high-quality researches, the CARP has conducted management of the implementation of researches based on laws/guidelines, management of ...

  4. For further information, please contact Admission Department Tokyo Women’s Medical University Graduate School of Nursing 8-1 Kawada-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8666 Tel: +81-3-3357-4801 +81-3-3357-4804ext.6151-2 Fax: +81-3-3341-8832 Graduation

  5. 検査項目. 検査項目名. 検査内容. 心電図. 心筋の電気的な興奮過程を図式化することで、不整脈、心筋梗塞、狭心症、心肥大の評価などに用いられます。. 検査説明書 (PDF) 長時間心電図. ホルター心電図. 日常生活中の心電図を長時間記録して、経時的な ...

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