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    • 1. 面對面地 His ambition was to meet his favourite pop star face to face. 他心向往之的是要面對面地見見他心目中的流行曲歌星。
    • 2. 面對著的 be face to face with danger/death 直接面對危險/死亡

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  1. Citibank Taiwan

    Through showing films and face-to-face interactions, these volunteers teach the youngsters how to spend their money wisely. This initiative was followed by other financial education programs held on campuses.

  2. Face to face, we have directly shared correct financial values through our programs across campuses, winning positive feedback from teachers and students. In taking the initiative to promote education, we hope to encourage more schools, families ...

  3. To :«Holder Name»小姐 先生:

    (第1 頁) To :«Holder_Name»小姐/先生: 本文宣僅供參考,詳細內容請依照本公司作業規定及保單條款之約定 保險專案:«Product_List» 商品文號 康健人壽樂高定期壽險 98.08.05 (98)康商字第055 號函備查、100.12.07 金管保理字第10002204821 號函核准、104.08

  4. Citi survey: Taiwanese people expect to retire by 60

    program provides a series of face-to-face and online courses customized for Citi’s global advisors to sharpen their professional skills, broaden their international horizons, and offer customers with the best-quality services. In celebration of ...

  5. 2015年12月4日 FaceBike 愛的臉卡車 周末上路全省傳愛 - Citi Taiwan

    對愛的樣貌」、「 #Face Your Love」標註後上傳自己的Facebook,還可參加愛心抽獎! 此外,民眾將自己愛的臉卡創作透過臉書分享傳善外,花旗聯合勸募也將匯集所有人的 作品,2016年1月1日在台北松山文創園區「愛的樣貌臉卡展」展出10天,齊聚愛的

  6. Application for Commercial Letter of Credit 商業信用狀申請書 L

    on their face to be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the L/C but shall not be obligated to look into the correctness, genuineness or authenticity of same. Neither Citibank nor any of its agents or employees shall be responsible for ...

  7. 2. The Customer shall pay to the Bank its handling charge(s)/fees as agreed on the full face amount of the L/C issued (or caused to be issued through any other branch of Citibank as the Bank may select) plus gross business receipts tax payable, ...

  8. 康健人壽新樂高定期保險_TPH«Face_Amount»元 保障內容及金額 身故保險金或喪葬費用 保險金 被保險人於本契約有效期間內非因意外傷害事故導致身故者,本公司按被保險人身 故當時之「所繳保險費總和」的一點五倍,給付「身故保險金」。

  9. 康健人壽 常安 - Citi Taiwan

    康健人壽常安個人傷害保險_ISPA «Face_Amount» To:«Holder_Name»小姐/先生: 本文宣僅供參考,詳細內容請依照康健人壽作業規定及保單條款之約定 保險專案:«Product_List» 商品名稱:康健人壽常安個人傷害保險 商品文號:96.03.31 (96)康商字第019

  10. Strong foreign investments, however, force Vietnam to face a challenge of developing supportive infrastructure. Some companies also worry about possible labor shortage in the future. In addition, Hazarika reminded that companies should also be ...

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