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    These questions and their inevitable answers formed the foundation of Diaspora, 2010′s open-source answer to Facebook’s handling of user data, privacy, and its own codebase. Although the Diaspora userbase doubled during 2011, the service is far ...

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    2021/4/22 · The knowledge commons, such as this wiki, a blog, and a network of half a dozen FB groups where we do a pluralistic curation of p2p/commons developments. The P2P Foundation Research Network, coordinated by Jose Ramos, which focuses on monitoring ...

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    2020/9/16 · Free Code Chat Apps. Most people are familiar with proprietary chat apps like Skype, FaceTime, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts, WeChat, and so on. Chat apps differ from email in that they are designed mainly for use by two or more people having ...

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    Indeed, their assets could be financially protected by the FB should the economy of any country face any serious problems, and hence, avoid capital flight. A startling feature of FBs is that in theory at least it could electronically create ...

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    The aims of these pages is to define the technical requirements for human emancipation, and define the steps necessary to create Augmented Social Networks. This page will monitor the evolution, and setbacks, on the road to creating open standards for the world's communication infrastructure. Concepts of the P2P Encyclopedia are still in the process of being ported (first 7 columns done so far, until the letter 0). We are looking for a maintainer and volunteers to update and ameliorate this page. On the overall perspective of the P2P Foundation: What Digital Commoners Need To Do, a meditation on the strategic phases in the construction of a peer to peer world Watch this video for context: Eben Moglen on the Four Forces Arrayed Against Internet Freedom and How We Can Fight Them: Must watch video with the first part highlighting the dangers to internet rights in 2011, and the second part how we can overcome them. Important: 1. Thomas Lord on Why We Need Free Network Services, and not j...

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    "If we are to preserve the democratic and creative promise of the Internet, we must continuously diagnose control points as they emerge and devise mechanisms of recreating diversity of constraint and degrees of freedom in the network to work around these forms of reconcentrated power." - Yochai Benkler


    For starters, you may want to read the following: 1. Peter Bradwell: Towards a Declaration for Digital Rights 2. Kevin Marks: The Three Main Social Aspects of the Web 3. Mike Linksvayer: Free Culture in Relation to Software Freedom

    Status Reports

    1. European Governments are embracing open source and open standards]: 2007 overview 2. How open is your mobile phone?: Android compared to OpenMoko

    Human knowledge is stored in the distributed network of individual human minds, and a repository of human knowledge needs to be stored in a distributed fashion as well - Paul B. Hartzog on the need for a fully distributed Knowledge Commons

    On the need for an alternative internet

    "The internet’s failings as a truly decentralized network, however, merely point the way toward what a decentralized network might actually look like. Instead of being administrated by central servers, it would operate through computers that pinged one another, instead of corporate-owned server farms, and deliver web pages from anywhere, even our own computers. The FCC and other governing bodies may attempt to defang the threat of the original internet by ending net neutrality. But if they di...

    On the Advantages of Open Platforms

    In an articlecritical of the closure of the Apple iPhone, the following entry summarizes the arguments for open platforms. 1. "An open platform allows developers to implement functionalitythe platform provider hasn't gotten around to yet. 2. An open platform allows developers to reimplement and replace functionality the platform provider has gotten around to, but has failed to do well. 3. An open platform allows developers to meet needs that scare the platform provider, and allows consumers t...

    Ethical Guidelines for Networked Data

    An update to the freedoms required by free software licenses, as formulated by the Nailclipper blog: To cope with the networking of data on participatory platforms, the next wave of ethical software must address the following issues: 1. Individual ownership of data - Who owns personal information? 2. Individual’s privacy - How is information shared? How anonymous is broad analysis? 3. Redistribution of reprocessed data - Can I reuse the data in a new application? 4. Cross compatibility betwee...

    Activist Campaigns

    1. Bad Vista Campaign 2. Digital Majority 3. Dynamic Coalition on the Internet Bill of Rights 4. End Software Patents 5. Free the Airwaves: Google's Open Spectrumcampaign 6. No OOXML 7. Stop software patents

    Open Definitions

    Without broad access none of the below can be used by the average citizen, so check out the: 1. 12 Real Internet Access and Impact Criteria, developed by in South Africa 2. FC Forum: Characteristics of Free and Open Infrastructures Needed for Open Online Collaboration List of open definitions: 1. "The" Open Definition 2. The Open Standards Definition. By Bruce Perens. 3. Open Standards Requirement for Software 4. Free Content Definition 5. Declaration on Libre Knowledge 6. The Ope...

    Standards Bodies and Communities

    Interesting history of Internet Governance by Harry Halpin at General: 1. Web Standards Project 2. World Wide Web Consortium W3C 3. Digital Standards Organisation 4. Open Web Foundation 5. OASIS

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    ... and have the potential for surprising change. Since they cannot be identified by boundaries, sympoietic systems must be identified by the self-organising factors involved in their generation." M. Beth L. Dempster (source, quote via fb ...

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    The moment we stop optimizing the digital economy for the growth of capital, and optimize it for the circulation of value between people, everything will start to get better really fast. - Douglas Rushkoff In the next economic system, “value” will mean the health of the planet, not numbers on a balance sheet…. - John Thackara "What’s going on today is more than a few accounting oversights here and there. The distance between today’s industrial systems and truly sustainable industrial systems — systems that do not spend down stored natural capital but instead integrate into current energy and material flows — is not one of degree, but one of kind. What’s needed is not just better accounting but a new global industrial system, a new way of providing for human wellbeing, and fast." - David Roberts

    the crucial starting point: James Quilligan on Carrying Capacity as a Basis for Political and Economic Self-Governance.

    The Economy for the Common Good, integrated common good accounting with 17 clusters to peer judge generative companies

    "Capitals most often represent resource pools that exist in – and hence are borrowed from – The Commons." - SustyContextGroup "There is a way to more equally distribute wealth and transfer value. We can easily build technology to account for, assign, and distribute value as it’s created. Value distribution is coming — it’s just a matter of time." - Chelsea Rustrum: "We are reluctant to cede all econo‐metrics to the Capitalocene. If we are to build post‐capitalist urban resilience, we need tools to track inputs and outputs of money, labour, care, and conviviality. In a moment of transition, in which new metrics are not yet in place, monetized calculation is a way to create “membranes” to capture value from the dominant system, that we can filter and use in a different way." - Katherine Gibson et al.

    Read this first: James Quilligan: Why Biocapacity Accountability Needs To Replace Disembodied Supply and Demand Pricing

    Value in the Commons Economy: Developments in Open and Contributory Value Accounting. By Michel Bauwens and Vasilis Niaros. Heinrich Boll Foundation, 2016.

    90% of for-profit companies use unreliable accounting (from 72% in 2008); read more in: Dangerous Dynamics of Capitalism's Futuristic Accounting((from static to IFRS’ futuristic accounting).

    Co-Budget, a open source tool from Enspiral, to allow network members to re-invest in each other's projects

  9. Open Source Ventilator - P2P Foundation › Open_Source_Ventilator

    Characteristics many technical details and requirements in this google doc: Event Ultimate Medical Hackaton for Open Source Ventilator "What we need is a Nasal cannula-based NIV. This system humidifies air, mixes it with oxygen and then ...

  10. Category:Corona Solidarity Initiatives - P2P Foundation › Category:Corona_Solidarity_Initiatives

    This guide focuses on: 1) initiatives from open source communities and open hardware medical devices 2) grassroots-based mutual aid initiatives 3) the wider context of societal effects and policy proposals and reforms, from a p2p/commons point ...

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