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  1. Apple’s leaked iPhone 13 design looks incredible in this new video

    2021/4/23 · What remains unclear, though, is if the iPhone 13 Mini will boast a smaller notch as depicted in the video above. While we know that the regular-sized iPhone 13 models will feature a smaller notch ...

  2. 2021/4/19 · A brand new iPhone 13 concept video from the folks over at ConceptsiPhone provides us with a little bit of a glimpse at what the iPhone of the future is going to look like. While ...

    • Yoni Heisler
  3. iPhone 13 will ‘likely’ bring back Touch ID with a huge twist

    2021/3/12 · For the coming iPhone 13 cycle in 2H21, we foresee a more tightly integrated version of the existing structured light system, which will enable the long awaited reduction in the notch. On the rear ...

  4. Leak reveals a new iPhone 13 feature everyone’s going to love

    2021/4/6 · While the overall iPhone 13 models should look about the same as Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup with respect to the overall form factor, the upcoming iPhone 13 will feature a slight design change ...

    • Yoni Heisler
  5. iPhone 13 parts leak reveals a design change Apple fans have been dying for

    2021/4/14 · Over the past few months, the iPhone 13 has begun to take shape through a series of leaks, rumors, and reports. The latest comes from the prolific leaker DuanRui, who shares ...

  6. Here’s when one insider says Apple’s iPhone 13 will be released in 2021

    2021/3/22 · the iPhone 13 models could be staggered, as was the case with the iPhone 12 models. Rumors and reports about the iPhone 13 line have been trickling out for months, and some of the latest suggest ...

  7. Huge iPhone 13 Pro leak reveals 3 key changes in Apple’s design

    2021/4/14 · The iPhone 13’s two cameras will apparently not be placed on top of one another, as seen in every iPhone model with two cameras released since the iPhone X. Instead, the two cameras will sit on ...

  8. iPhone 13 leak reveals a surprising change coming to the camera

    2021/4/13 · The iPhone 13 series that’s widely expected to launch in mid-September and is also expected to feature the same basic design as the iPhone 12 line. Apple will launch four direct ...

  9. iPhone 13 rumors and what the next Apple phone needs

    2021/3/18 · It's only March and there are already a ton of rumors about the next iPhone. Early tax filers may get a treat this year. If you've already filed your taxes for 2020 instead of waiting for ...

    • 11 分鐘
    • CNET
  10. 13 Ways Your Phone is Ruining Your Health

    2020/9/12 · "Our one-million-year-old brains may need more time to catch up."13 They Take Away Your Alone Time"One impact of phone use that has been recently recognized is the elimination of solitude from our ...

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