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  1. Korea Baseball Organization - Wikipedia › wiki › Korea_Baseball_Organization

    Abbreviation KBO Formation December 1981 March 1982 (League launched) Type Sport governing body Legal status Active Purpose Managing the KBO League and KBO Futures League, and governing the professional national team. Headquarters Gangnam, ...

  2. KBO League - Wikipedia › wiki › KBO_League

    The KBO League (Korean: KBO 리그),[1][2] officially as Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League for sponsorship, is the highest level league of baseball in South Korea. The KBO League was founded with six franchises in 1982 and is the most popular sports ...

    • 1982
    • Kia Tigers (11th title)
  3. KBO - Wikipedia › wiki › KBO

    KBO can refer to: Kapamilya Box Office, a Philippine free-to-air television channel KBÖ (German: Kommunistischer Bund Österreichs), Communist League of Austria KBO!, a hardcore punk band from Serbia Kuiper belt object(s) (KBO or KBOs); article ...

  4. Kuiper belt - Wikipedia › wiki › Kuiper_belt

    In 1992, minor planet (15760) Albion was discovered, the first Kuiper belt object (KBO) since Pluto (in 1930) and Charon (in 1978). [10] Since its discovery, the number of known KBOs has increased to thousands, and more than 100,000 KBOs over ...

  5. 2020 KBO League season - Wikipedia › wiki › 2020_KBO_League_season
    • Season Schedule
    • Postseason
    • See Also

    The 2020 KBO League season schedule was released in December 2019. Opening Day was originally scheduled on 28 March 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Korea, the Korea Baseball Organizationannounced in March 2020 that all ten exhibition games would be cancelled, and the start of the season would be delayed until April. The Kia Tigers, a KBO League team that had arrived in the United States on 30 January 2020 to hold a portion of its spring training activities, remained in their early spring training venue, Terry Park Ballfield in Fort Myers, Florida (United States) through March.Preseason KBO League games began on 21 April. The regular season began on 5 May. An Chi-hongwas the only free agent to move to the Lotte Giants. Since 2020 season, if two way tie occurred in 1st place, head-to-head does not applied to distinguish 1st and 2nd place anymore. Similar to MLB, tiebreaker game will be played.

    Wild Card

    The series started with a 1–0 advantage for the fourth-placed team.

    Korean Series

    NC Dinos won the series, 4–2.

    • May 5 – October 31
    • NC Dinos
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  7. 2021 KBO League season - Wikipedia › wiki › 2021_KBO_League_season
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    The KBO is a 10-team league. Each team plays 144 games, facing the other nine teams 16 times apiece. Games are declared ties after 12 innings (15 in the postseason), and those contests have no bearing on a team’s winning percentage. Five teams make the playoffs, where the league uses a step-ladder format; the fifth- and fourth-placed teams battle in a Wild Card round, the winner faces the three seed, and so on. Teams are limited to three foreign players each. Only two such players are allowed in the lineup at any one time, so teams generally roster two pitchers and one position player.

    *Samsung Lions hosted tiebreaker game by virtue of head-to-head record with KT Wiz (9-6-1) **KT Wiz won against Samsung Lions 1-0 in the tiebreaker game

    Wild Card

    The series started with a 1–0 advantage for the fourth-placed team. Doosan Bears (2) vs. Kiwoom Heroes(1)


    LG Twins (1) vs. Doosan Bears(2)


    Samsung Lions (0) vs. Doosan Bears(2)

    • April 3 – October 31
    • KBO League
    • 144 per team
    • Baseball
  8. List of the brightest Kuiper belt objects - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_the_brightest_Kuiper_belt

    List of the brightest Kuiper belt objects. Since the year 2000, a number of Kuiper belt objects (KBOs) with diameters of between 500 and 1500 km (more than half that of Pluto) have been discovered. 50000 Quaoar, a classical KBO discovered in ...

  9. Ju Hyeong-kwang - Wikipedia › wiki › Ju_Hyeong-kwang

    Ju Hyeong-kwang (Hangul: 주형광; born March 1, 1976) is a South Korean baseball coach and former professional baseball pitcher. He played 14 seasons in the KBO League, all for the Lotte Giants. Ju was one of the better starting pitchers of the ...

    • 3.83
    • 87-82
    • 1,209
  10. 2021 Major League Baseball season - Wikipedia › wiki › 2021_Major_League_Baseball_season

    The 2021 Major League Baseball season began on April 1, while the regular season ended on October 3. The postseason began on October 5. The World Series then began on October 26 and ended on November 2 with the Atlanta Braves defeating the ...

  11. TF2000-class destroyer - Wikipedia › wiki › TF2000-class_destroyer

    The TF-2000 class destroyer is a projected anti-air warfare destroyer currently undergoing development by the Turkish Naval Institute. The class will provide survivability in the presence of aerial threat and also support mission functions such ...

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