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  1. 官民服飾競尚華侈,去樸從豔、慕奇好異,蔚為晚明風尚,婦女服飾的僭侈多變尤甚。士庶男女之講究服飾裝扮,更從標榜身分、炫耀財富的「僭禮越分」行為,逐漸演成不斷追求「時興新樣」的服飾文化,顯現迥異於

  2. Local inspirations of the origin of Jingdezhen Yuan blue-and-white Ching-Fei Shih National Taiwan University Abstract: This essay discusses the social forces behind the rise of a new technology, based on the fundamental changes of Jingdezhen ceramic

  3. (PDF) 明清士人在家拜聖賢的禮儀實踐.pdf | Miaw-fen Lü -明清士人在家拜聖賢的...

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