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  1. Paola Ferrari (journalist) - Wikipedia

    Paola Francesca Ferrari (born 6 October 1960[1][2]) is an Italian journalist, television presenter, and politician. She has been active on RAI since the 1990s, hosting its main sports programs such as La Domenica Sportiva [it] and 90º minuto.

    • Journalist, television presenter, politician
    • The Right
    • Paola Francesca Ferrari, 6 October 1960 (age 60), Milan, Italy
    • Marco De Benedetti [it]
  2. Meet Paola Ferrari: Euro 2020 host going viral for 'Basic Instinct' moment

    2021/6/22 · Who is Paola Ferrari? The Italian TV host was a blip on everyone’s radar before she went viral during Euro 2020 coverage. During the broadcast, Ferrari drew comparisons to American actress ...

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    • TV presenter Paola Ferrari recreate Basic Instinct wardrobe malfunction at Euro 2020
    • Paola Ferrari Euro 2020 Ops Video ( SLOW MOTION ) Paola Ferrari Em 2021 | Ferrari Roma
    • Euro 2020 host Paola Ferrari in underwear controversy after ‘Basic Instinct’ moment | New York Post
    • Paola Ferrari descuido Eurocopa 2021
  3. Paola Ferrari Euro 2020 Ops Video ( SLOW MOTION ) Paola Ferrari Em 2021 | Ferrari Romapaola ferrari em 2021paola ferrari periodistapaola ferrari videopaolo f...

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  4. Paola Ferrari in controversy after 'Basic Instinct' moment

    2021/6/22 · Italian TV presenter Paola Ferrari went viral after many thought she’d accidentally flashed the whole of Italy. The face of Italian Euro 2020 coverage has been compared to Sharon Stone in ...

  5. #paolaferrari #paolaferrariviralvideo #euro2020My intention is not to spread nudity.Anchor has claimed that she was wearing underwear that is why I have shar...

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  6. 2021/6/23 · Italian television host Paola Ferrari has found herself in hot water this week after she flashed all of Italy on live TV. The moment in the Italian Euro 2020 coverage has been compared to the X-rating leg-crossing moment in the 1992 thriller ...

  7. Sportscaster Paola Ferrari Denies Going 'Basic Instinct' in X-Rated Video

    2021/6/21 · Sportscaster Paola Ferrari Denies Going ‘Basic Instinct’ in X-Rated Viral Video. Italian TV presenter Paola Ferrari was trending over the weekend while covering Euro 2020. Apparently she had a Basic Instinct moment that is being chalked up to a ...

  8. 2021/7/24 · Paola Ferrari is a highly skilled sports journalist. She is highly regarded for her skill but also for her grit. Beautiful, brilliant, she has a daughter who looks a lot like her. Gorgeous like her. Let’s see who Virginia is. Paola Ferrari – Pol ...

  9. 2021/6/21 · Italian TV presenter Paola Ferrari is speaking out after fans claimed she had a ‘Sharon Stone moment’ from Basic Instinct during coverage of Euro 2020 on Sunday. Ferrari, who is the face of ...

  10. Paola Ferrari e le gambe accavallate senza mutandine

    2021/6/17 · Paola Ferrari senza freni! La conduttrice Rai durante una diretta post partita agli Europei, accavalla elegantemente le gambe e un dettaglio non sfugge agli occhi attenti dei telespettatori! La bionda non indossa infatti la biancheria intima. ...

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