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  1. 圖片版權 NASA Image caption 鮑勃·班肯(左)和道格·赫利(右)即將開始一個載人航天的新時代。 美國加州的航天科技公司SpaceX周三(5月27日)將會 ...

  2. 2020/8/2 · 赫利和班肯将会完成美国45年来首次以“海面溅落”形式载人返回地球。 美国太空部署(NASA)和它的商业伙伴SpaceX选择了一个远离飓风伊塞亚斯 ...

  3. SpaceX launch: What is SpaceX and why is it going to the ISS? - BBC News

    How does SpaceX make money? The company is set to make history as, alongside Nasa, it sends two astronauts to the International Space Station - the first time a private company has done this.

  4. 2020/8/3 · SpaceX:首架由私人企业营运的载人太空船成功“海面溅落” 随着两名美国太空人以“海面溅落”形式回到地球,人类第一次由商业机构载人升空前往 ...

  5. SpaceX and Nasa need a clean crewed demonstration so they can move swiftly to the next phase of the company's $2.6bn (£2.1bn) contract, which will encompass six astronaut "taxi" flights, with the ...

  6. SpaceX puts up 60 internet satellites - BBC News

    SpaceX is one of several commercial outfits with permission to fly an internet mega-constellation. Others include the UK-based start-up OneWeb, which began its roll-out in February with six ...

  7. 'Go Nasa, Go SpaceX' - BBC News

    'Go Nasa, Go SpaceX' The moment two Nasa astronauts blast off into orbit on a SpaceX rocket for an historic mission to the ISS. This video has been optimised for mobile viewing on the BBC News app.

  8. SpaceX: Nasa astronaut capsule demo takes to the skies - BBC News

    SpaceX has launched a capsule designed to carry people from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 'It was the only colourful thing in the Universe' Jump to media player Frank Borman was the ...

  9. SpaceX Dragon demo capsule returns to Earth - BBC News

    The director of crew mission management at Space X, Benjamin Reed, spoke to Nasa TV moments after the capsule splashed down. "It was an incredible journey to get to this moment," he said.

  10. SpaceX capsule lifts off - BBC News

    SpaceX capsule lifts off Elon Musk says it could be the first step towards commercial space travel. This video has been optimised for mobile viewing on the BBC News app.

  1. spacex 相關