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  1. Tiffany 珠寶首飾傳承逾 180 年歷史,是匠心工藝與超凡設計的顛峰之作,提供設計得美輪美奐的項鏈及鏈墜、手鏈、戒指及更多其他精品。 無論需要預約專門店內或是專屬於您的線上個人化珠寶造型諮詢,我們隨時為您提供協助。

  2. There is black tie and then there is Tiffany & Co. black tie. Shop the Silver Story From the Source Handcrafting the world’s best diamonds starts with knowing where they come from. We proudly trace 100% of our rough diamonds to known mines and sources ...

  3. 有黑領結,然後有 Tiffany & Co. 黑領結。 瀏覽純銀故事 始於源頭 手工打造世界頂級鑽石要從認識其源頭開始。我們能夠 100% 完全溯源,鑽石原石均出自已知礦場和來源,對此我們深感自豪 ...

  4. The Iconic Blue Box. Your Tiffany purchase comes wrapped in our Blue Box packaging. For questions about gifting and jewelry, contact a Sales Professional. For engagement guidance, contact a Diamond Expert.

  5. Return to Tiffany®. This legendary motif first debuted on a key ring in 1969. Each one sold was assigned a serial number and registered so that if lost, it could be returned to our flagship store and reunited with its owner. While the tradition is no longer, the classic motif lives on in some of our most iconic designs.

  6. Tiffany & Co.主題頁提供各式各樣Tiffany & Co.商品,包含項鍊、手鍊、戒指、香水、太陽眼鏡等Tiffany & Co.商品,讓您輕鬆挑選理想中的Tiffany & Co.,為您的品味加分。數十萬件商品,品質生活盡在Yahoo奇摩購物中心!

  7. Tiffany & Co.蒂芙尼商品特價中!想買Tiffany & Co.蒂芙尼商品,就到 IFCHIC台灣官網。美國加州直送台灣,售價皆已包含關稅,訂單金額滿$50美金免運費,且享有14天免費退換貨的服務。想找更多Tiffany & Co.蒂芙尼商品,歡迎上IFCHIC台灣的Tiffany & Co.蒂芙尼 ...

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