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  2. 採用高科技布料,獲ARPANSA認證UPF50+防曬效果,無毒環保抗UV,戶外休閒必備單品,線上挑選! 從海灘到山林,首選《UV100》!專業級防曬技術舒透不悶熱,醫生推薦防曬單品,99%抗紫外線傷害!


  1. › skin-problems-and-treatments › uv-index-overviewThe UV Index Explained - WebMD

    2024年2月12日 · The ultraviolet (UV) index is a number on a scale from 1-11+ that tells you how intense the UV rays from the sun are predicted to be at a particular time and place. It's useful because, while you ...

    • Evan Starkman
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